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  1. Fat Mach

    How to Change Your Oil - Yes, that's a thing!

    PRO TIP: Make sure you can loosen the Fill Plug before you remove the Drain Plug. The last thing you want to do is drain oil you can't readily replace.
  2. Fat Mach

    Why is Mach-E called a "truck"

    IMO the only people who call SUV's a truck are people that have never owned an actual truck. Go get a yard or two of gravel in your SUV and let me know how that goes.
  3. Fat Mach

    Comment by 'Fat Mach' in item '2014 Ford Shelby'

    Those wheels look like Alcoa's!
  4. Fat Mach

    Comment by 'Fat Mach' in item 'Ponies in my Stable'

    Nice pair.
  5. Fat Mach

    Mach-E Hot Sauce from Ford Performance

    Looks like they're having some fun until the end.
  6. Fat Mach

    Attention From Gawkers?

    I was driving my dad's 1910 Model T when some lady came up along side of me and started taking pictures, weaving back and forth in her lane. She then proceeded to swerve into a ditch on the side of the road. It was slightly unnerving since I was sitting on essentially a padded milk crate with...
  7. Fat Mach

    Is anyone purchasing the official stripes from Ford?

    There is a Shelby Terlingua equivalent. It's known as the Bad Hare.
  8. Fat Mach

    Long Time Lurker First Time Poster

    Good looking Storm Trooper.
  9. Fat Mach

    Had to use the Frunk for the first time.

    Am I the only one that finds it amusing you're willing to eat something that you can't stand the smell of? :rolleyes:
  10. Fat Mach

    Things I do not like about my Mach-E

    You lost me at, "can not fit behind myself." :rolleyes:
  11. Fat Mach

    Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Wow, I'm only getting about 40 KWH of production on a nice sunny day this time of year.
  12. Fat Mach

    Here's The Secret Hiding Under The Original Ford Mustang's Steering Wheel Cap

    Funny, I was going to guess Falcon. Probably because I've had my 64 Falcon for over 35 years now.
  13. Fat Mach

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    Interesting. When I did my Boss 302's we went with as much negative camber as possible, while keeping them the same side to side. I think we were at about -2.0. I think my 2013 GT350 is the same, or close to it. Am I reading the image right that the front is a little toe in and the backs are...
  14. Fat Mach

    Do we absolutely need a wall charger at home?

    To add to the above, you really should go to the hardware store and buy a 20A "Heavy Duty" outlet. They have stronger springs/contacts and provide a much improved connection, which is important when you're drawing a lot of juice. One nice tool to have is one of these outlet testers. Seems...
  15. Fat Mach

    First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    Ahh, I didn't know you had to remove the rear wheels. Well, see what it takes. In my experience, the bulk of the time is consumed by looking for the next tool needed, not the actual activity involved.
  16. Fat Mach

    First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    I would be surprised if the whole job takes longer than 30 mins if you have good tools. A little longer if you don't.
  17. Fat Mach

    Why would you by a charger?

    My folks have a Model 3 Tesla and had an old air compressor 20 AMP 240V circuit in the garage right there so my dad just used that and set the car to only draw 16 AMPS. They're retired and rarely need much of a charge.
  18. Fat Mach

    In search EV charger

    I have had two Clipper Creeks now. The first one I left installed at my last house. They work great and are American made.
  19. Fat Mach

    First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    Yes, you can. Plenty of guys tow a small trailer with track tires, jacks, jack stands, tools, etc to the track for open track or drag racing.