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  1. SashaLondon

    Maximum attained range awards

    What about people posting their highest attained ranges for each variant? Post pics of the journey on a full charge and see who can go the furthest.
  2. SashaLondon

    Too true

    Saw this and thought it was a bit too true. What do you think?
  3. SashaLondon

    OTA month sprints or every 6-month updates?

    Wondering if anyone heard if they plan to do updates every month (or shorter timescales) or leave it and have larger ones coming out slowly. I do not know how often Tesla updates but they seem to have one every few weeks.
  4. SashaLondon

    Videos: Mach-E GT and Route 1 walkarounds and test drives

    I quite liked this video of a Route 1. Some great close ups of the white paint. He is very enthusiastic and got me really hyped for some reason. Another video and this one has a great walkround of a GT. Damn I really want one. I can't afford it plus I can't wait that long either. You also...
  5. SashaLondon

    Why did they make it with steel and not aluminium?

    They could have saved a lot of weight. Why didn't they use aluminium (aluminum in USA I think)?
  6. SashaLondon

    Can you change colour at time of confirmation without delaying order?

    When you confirm your order can you change the colour without delaying your order? I really quite like the star white after seeing a video of it.
  7. SashaLondon

    Using other home charger means loss of functions?

    So if I use a different non Ford home charger can you then set the times in the car of when the car gets charged and heating cooling pre-start etc.
  8. SashaLondon

    Dutch car preview on YouTube.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but its a nice short video. You can translate the subtitles if you can't speak Dutch.
  9. SashaLondon

    Software update speculation and wish list.

    With the news of Ford looking at a more google model of making money from the software and also over the air updates. I think that there will be lots of software updates like Tesla. What do you want to see and what could be coming? Definite. Autopilot $1400 Wish list Launch control Netflix...
  10. SashaLondon

    How does Mach-e compare to Skoda Enyaq iv?

    The Skoda Enyaq iv is going to be released for spring 2021. It’s a new EV and is based on the Vw MEB platform. It is similar to the ID4 but I think it looks very nice. its not as sporty looking as the Mach-e but it is more like a BMW in appearance. Any opinions here about it as I’m now 75%...