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  1. Ford49

    Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    That sounds amazing. That is pumping it steady at more than 180.
  2. Ford49

    Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    Initially I was annoyed with Kyle repeatedly talking about 'charging profile'. I didn't understand why he kept bringing it up. Now I get it. Just as important as range, is how much time are you going to spend in charging stations. It would be nice to have a standard measure. Ford suggests on...
  3. Ford49

    Why would you by a charger?

    My garage had available 2 240v 30A circuits. I purchased a grizzl-e which has the capabilty to run at various amperage levels. I am replacing the 14-50 plug on it with a 6-30 to fit the existing garage plug and setting it for 24A. This will give overnight top up and pre heat the car on cold...
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    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review – Beyond the Badge

    I haven't read the full article, but the first con can be moved to the pro category ie Range is better than model Y per real world testing.
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    Mach-E vs Model Y Range Test, Alex on Autos

    I have read a lot on this forum and watched a lot of videos. I only cosidered a Model Y and a Mach E, but I was determined to buy an electric car. I ordered the Mach E last July ( still waiting), mostly because I wanted the car that was least likely to have quality issues ( coupled with the fact...
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    Test drove both Model Y and Mach E - current PHEV owner (Ontario, Canada)

    Thanks for your thoughts. I live in a place where test drives of either are very difficult so I have to go with what I read. I have come to the same conclusions as you. Since we have an ICE car for the long trips, and don't take many, the charging network is less of a concern. It is something...
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    Supporting a High Tech Car

    Oh dear, this is very sad. Ford won't make customers happy with this nonsense. Better to shut it down. If you want to be a world class producer of high tech cars, you need world class support process. Thanks for posting!
  8. Ford49

    So many issues with Mach-E? A bit disappointed!

    I hope all of these aren't resolved before my car arrives. (that will mean I have had a long wait). I want in on the fun. I want to call the Help line. I want to try out roadside assistance. I want to go to the dealer. I want to read through all the posts and find the work around. My car is in...
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    Question About Extent of Voice Control Capabilities

    Under Climate Control, are seat heater and steering wheel heater things you an control with your voice? Turning them on with Fordpass, and turning them off with voice would be nice.
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    HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    I am hoping someone on the forum will try this out. They don't say what the hours are, hopefully 24/7
  11. Ford49

    HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    Have you tried the help line. This what is what it is for.
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    Supporting a High Tech Car

    Thanks, I wasn't aware that this existed.
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    Supporting a High Tech Car

    If I buy a piece of technology that needs hardware and software to work together, there is generally a Help desk function to assist with problems. A good example would be home security camera systems. They have hardware, software, internet services and cloud servers that all have to work...
  14. Ford49

    Initial experiences from a new Mach-E owner

    I am wondering what network they connect this car to in Canada? In the US I believe it is AT&T, which is not available. Sounds like your car is not connected at all ( eg no navigation)
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    Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    Some key categories missing from the comparison. 1. Marketing BS. Tesla is the clear winner, and it sells a lot of cars for them. 2. Build quality. It is a little early to declare a winner, though I suspect it is a big factor for many who are on this site. It sure is for me. 3. After...
  16. Ford49

    Canadian Orders / Build Dates

    There have been no price changes in Canada. It appears as if they intend to make us pay the original price. My dealer promised a car in November or December. With the old price and delivery in 2021, cancelling my order is now an option I am considering.
  17. Ford49

    Canadian Orders / Build Dates

    Take y Well, the paper form is printed, as opposed to hand written. Also, it has a phone number on it. And a fax. So I guess they made it to the end of the 20th.
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    Canadian Orders / Build Dates

    Perhaps this is because Canada is using a different system and we don't have order numbers. We have a local dealer and a piece of paper that says we will buy a car if they ship one. Thus my concern over Ford's ability to do software.
  19. Ford49

    Canadian Orders / Build Dates

    I am wondering what they are doing with the price change in Canada. Has anyone heard? My dealer purports to know nothing. Can Ford really build a high tech, over the air update car? Their website and customer interface software in Canada is pretty basic, stuck at the turn of the century...