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  1. DaveRuns

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    This is why I had hoped Ford enabled some kind of "Sentry Mode" on the Mach-E. I know a surveillance system won't stop vandals, but if it's well known the capability exists, perhaps it could serve as a deterrent. If damage does occur, at least the person would have some video to share with the...
  2. DaveRuns

    Order site is up!

    Update: Well after a few days of emails and phone calls, my dealer finally "accepted" my offer. Now, I can really just sit back and wait. Of note: the "Order Number" is still the same as my reservation number (10013432 / 18 Nov 19). I also received my reservation deposit refunded back into my...
  3. DaveRuns

    Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    For those that are keeping track: Sheehy Ford of Springfield VA does NOT have ADM. You'll only pay MSRP + $1,100 delivery charges (taxes, registration extra). I also confirmed today that they will honor pricing plans. Guess I need to look into how to get the X-Plan in time for December/January.
  4. DaveRuns

    “Order Accepted”

    I asked via email, and never received a response. Now I'm going to call them. I should just drive over there.
  5. DaveRuns

    US Federal EV Tax Credit - Things to know

    This was very useful....especially the line 16 number. Looks like it'll be a rebate for me...just hope there will be a delivery in 2020, so I can take advantage in this calendar year.
  6. DaveRuns

    “Order Accepted”

    I am still waiting.....patience is not one of my virtues
  7. DaveRuns

    Front trunk (frunk) organizer / divider / storage system shown in images

    It's cool to see all of the Tesla after-market accessories that have been developed and reviewed on YouTube. I really hope there is just as much enthusiasm and entrepreneurship for the Mach-E.
  8. DaveRuns

    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Technical Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos

    Although nothing new is revealed here, it’s an interesting article non-the-less with some photos detailing the work engineers have undertaken during a pandemic.
  9. DaveRuns

    Mach-E order confirmation emails - non EV certified dealers - dealer not ready to accept orders yet.

    My dealer has yet to "accept" my order. I have no idea what they're doing. I need to call them tomorrow.
  10. DaveRuns

    Order conversion

    Interesting thought.....maybe you're right.
  11. DaveRuns

    Order conversion

    Just reading through the FAQs on the '' site. Interesting question and answer. I thought delivery would be based solely on reservation timestamp; however, it appears other factors are involved, like "residency". "Q: When will I take delivery of my vehicle? A: Actual delivery...
  12. DaveRuns

    First Real Life Outdoor Look at Infinite Blue Color on Mach-E

    I'm glad I picked that color. I'll be happy with it.
  13. DaveRuns

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Interesting your dealer made you drop $1,000 as a deposit. Most have only paid $500. Guess it goes to the cost of the vehicle in the end, so not such a huge deal....unless you decide you don’t want the car down the road. Then you’re out the $1,000 deposit.
  14. DaveRuns

    Order site is up!

    Despite my emails, Sheehy Ford of Springfield VA still hasn’t accepted my order yet. Grrr!
  15. DaveRuns

    Things to consider when DIY installing a wall charger / outlet

    Did anyone see on the Ford Ordering site where we could add the Ford Charger? I know they said you could work with Amazon and add the cost into the car? I didn't see where that was an option.
  16. DaveRuns

    Mach E GT no longer available in Infinite Blue

    Do you like the Rapid Red color or the cyber orange? The red looks sharp.
  17. DaveRuns

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    My dealer seems to be a little more in the know than yours, since they’re the ones that called to tell me to place an order on the “26th”. However, when I placed my order yesterday (27th), it says “sent to dealer for them to accept”. I emailed my dealer and he said “we received your...
  18. DaveRuns

    Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    After I converted the reservation to an order this morning, I (and many others) were given our same reservation numbers as the “order number”. How does that get taken into account in the queue process?