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  1. imstriker

    “Order Accepted”

    My dealer text me to verify the trim levels and accepted it. It moved to accepted in the portal by the time I checked after I replied.
  2. imstriker

    Order site is up!

    Almost pulled the trigger today but it appears that I get to dealer shop all day. I was told in writing yesterday it was a $500 deposit, surprise it is $1500 today. And despite three phone calls, still no answer on X plan. This is almost super slick by Ford, too bad they are stuck with dealers.
  3. imstriker

    Mach-E Will Use the Cloud, Crowd-Sourcing For More Accurate Range Predictions

    Really cool feature if it works. Sounds like they are integrating a system like ABRP in real-time. That could be huge. And definitely a huge improvement over my Leaf's random number display.
  4. imstriker

    Ford Announces 'Hands-Free’ Active Drive Assist With Driver-Facing Camera for Mach-E, Available Next Year with OTA Update

    Right there with you on possibly not converting my premium order. I've had this fear from the beginning. We were given very little to go on and then everything becomes options that cost a little more here and there. This is the danger of going forever with no information and then a rash of...
  5. imstriker

    Ford Announces 'Hands-Free’ Active Drive Assist With Driver-Facing Camera for Mach-E, Available Next Year with OTA Update

    So, here begins the next part of buying a car, the nickel and dime process :( I was really hopeful we wouldn't be going down this road. Guess we are only a few days away from finding out some of this. Going to be really hard to pay for a prep package without knowing how much the software is...
  6. imstriker

    Second meter for home charging?

    I had that choice here in Indianapolis when we put in our Leaf charger. They had a considerably lower rate for EVs that charge at night, but it required a second meter and service be installed. There was no way I was ever going to make back the cost of what they told me that would be.
  7. imstriker

    Your Mustang Mach-E. Tomorrow’s technology unleashed.

    I'm glad they are sending something out, but... The Model Y, Chevy Bolt EV/EUV, and even VW ID. 4 announcements are really stealing the thunder right now. I hope they don't see all of us who put money down as in their pockets already. They need to keep pushing up some excitement and info. If...
  8. imstriker

    Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    Why not, count me in! Thanks
  9. imstriker

    What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    Of everything coming out, the Mach-E has the best looks, IMO. I do not like the interior of the 3/Y at all. There are a lot things going for the Y, but the current single screen, wood trim interior looks really cheap. I'm waiting to see more info on the ID.4 and on the XC40 Recharge. I love...
  10. imstriker

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Timeline (Reservation to Delivery)

    I never got anything from my dealer either. I stopped by one day and talked to them for a few minutes. About all they could do was confirm my reservation. The next day I got an e-mail from them that looks like it was blasted out to all reservations. So I guess I convinced them to make...
  11. imstriker

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    I'll join the club :) My reservation is on an Infinite Blue Premium.
  12. imstriker

    Electrify America to Install Charging Stations at Bank of America Locations

    Most banks around me tend to be around a lot of other things. My guess is that this is mostly about where the land is available.
  13. imstriker

    Mach-e playlist

    I mean you almost have to have Mustang Sally on there don't you? Here is my electric car playlist I made for my Leaf: Electric Car - They Might Be Giants Electric Fever - Them Vibes Going Electric - Nashville Cast (I know, I know) Electric Boogie - Martha Griffiths Electric Avenue - Eddie...
  14. imstriker

    Visited My Dealer Today

    Didn't get a ton of info. Found out that I was number 9 on their list. That's really surprising here in Indiana. They expect to be able to fulfill all of their orders and then receive 3 additional ones at the end. They are planning on selling for the "price set by Ford". So basically they...
  15. imstriker

    Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    Owned a couple of Mustangs long ago, a 68 and and 87. For the last 10 years, I have been driving Jeep products. I added a Leaf to drive to and from work. I love the little thing and drive it constantly. Can't wait to upgrade my electric option.
  16. imstriker

    Mach-E Upcoming Auto Show Appearances?

    Has anyone seen the Mach E at any other auto shows since LA? I didn't know if Ford was taking it on the circuit and haven't lucked into any info. I'm debating whether it is worth going to the Indy auto show end of the month or not. Thanks!