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  1. Recommended Charger

    Probably their own Ford Connected Charge Station. They haven't announced a price yet, as far as I know.
  2. Any informed speculation of Ford's "charging network" charging cost in USD per kWh?

    EA's minute cost rates also vary from state to state but my guess is they will be about twice what the Super Chargers cost. The way that EA sets the cost is by the car telling the charger it's max charge rate when it plugs in. It then sets the cost rate to the max for that rate. Over 125 KW it...
  3. FIXED: Seems like has wrong pricing for EA with SR battery

    Don't forget that the charge rate cost varies from state to state. I'm guessing they don't take that into account either.
  4. Mach-E streaming?

    From my reading of the Fine Print in some of the Mach-E specs, Ford Does NOT provide streaming 4G data. Only that used by their car systems. If you want to view YouTube or whatever, you will need to pay for Ford Pass Connect Hot Spot on AT&T's streaming service which is $20 for "Unlimited" (22...
  5. Tax Credits

    You need to take into account any deductions that you will be taking. If you take the standard deductions for 2020 Married filing jointly $24,800 Head of household $18,650 Single/married filing separately $12,400 Your tax liability has to be at least $7500 more than that after...
  6. Range and efficiency of the competition

    Without knowing what the driving conditions were those numbers aren't really a big help. If they were driving at 50 MPH those numbers could still mean the EPA range might still be 270 miles. If they were driving at 80 MPH, those numbers would be great.
  7. Mach-E's Ford Co-Pilot360 Tech Overview Videos

    I've been watching YouTube videos on Tesla's updates to FSD and they are getting better but it kind of seems kind of like a roller coaster ride and waiting for the next event that it can't handle but thinks it can resulting in crashes. Super Cruise seems a lot more cautious and relaxing where if...
  8. Mach-E's Ford Co-Pilot360 Tech Overview Videos

    After researching Argo AI I find it interesting that while all the Argo test cars that I have been able to find show LIDAR units on their roofs there aren't any on the Mach-E. Maybe Elon Musk was right when he said they were not needed. Volkswagen gave Argo AI 2.6 Billion dollars about six...
  9. Deciding between a standard or extended range battery

    If I remember the Standard Range specs correctly it's max charging rate is 115KWH vs the 150KWH for the Extended Range. Depending on how Electrify America handles charging rate minute costs with their current rate increase at 125KWH it could be cheaper to charge up in the SR model.
  10. Mach-E's Ford Co-Pilot360 Tech Overview Videos

    My guess is that Ford has licensed GM's Super Cruise technology and will put their own skin over it like Samsung licenses Google's Android system and puts its own User Interface on top of it. I think one of the most important parts of Super Cruise is the 200,000 miles of LIDAR mapped freeway...
  11. Deciding between a standard or extended range battery

    Also don't forget that you can lose 20% to 30% of your range to on cold days to keep your windows clear and or stay warm. So your range could go down from 230 to 161 miles, worst case.
  12. Ford Mustang Mach-E Timeline (Reservation to Delivery)

    I think you are wrong. I stopped by my dealer Monday and the sales manager looked on his phone and told me that that I was third on his reservation list for a Premium.
  13. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    Have you read that EVGO has started adding Tesla charging connectors to their DC Fast chargers in San Francisco and will add it to the rest of their system in future? In the EU Tesla has already started adding CCS Combo connectors to their SuperCharger system because the new Teslas in the EU...
  14. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    I've read that Ford also has an agreement with ChargePoint who has an agreement with EVGO so there should be lots of 50KWH chargers available through Ford Connect although I will be keeping my cards for them plus Greenlots and even Blink. PlugShare will still be valuable and make it easier to...
  15. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    My Honda Clarity PHEV is EPA rated for 47 miles on battery and 42 MPG on gas. This time of year I am only getting about 35 miles on the battery running the heater. In my case the gas cost would be less than what EA wants at their current rates But it is not the latest and possibly greatest Mustang.
  16. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    Bye the way, I don't think the 30 minutes for the full charge Electrify America (EA) gave you is correct. I have read elsewhere that it will take about 45 minutes to get to 80% with Electrify America. The last 20% usually takes about as long as the first 80% which is why you won't usually...
  17. How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    If you are charging at home with 120 volts it charges at 3 miles per HOUR so 90 hours to charge the car at 14 cents per KWH .14 x 90KWH (useable) = $12.60 If you are using the mobile charger at 240 volts it charges at 22 miles per Hour so 12 hours to charge and will cost the same $12.60 If you...
  18. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    Maybe, it depends on whether he used wires that are only rated for 50 amps or if he used wires rated for 60 amps or more if he used heavier wires that can handle 60 amps its fine, otherwise he will have to replace the existing wiring to handle the extra load.
  19. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    I'm not sure but I think the Ford Wall box does not come with a plug. It is designed to be hardwired to a breaker in your power service box. Also, it can output 48 Amps which requires a 60 Amp breaker so you would have to turn down the output on the EVSE which kind of defeats part of the expense...