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  1. Canceled orders

    So if someone cancels their order, will the dealer just offer it to the next person on their list of orders who ordered the exact same configuration?
  2. SoCal dealers accepting online orders, no ADM

    Yes, accepted followed by a congratulatory email from one of their managers.
  3. SoCal dealers accepting online orders, no ADM

    I ordered mine online with no ADM from Kearny Mesa Ford in SD.
  4. Number of active reservations

    What do you think the conversion rate will be by year end? My guess would be around 67% factoring in some people making multiple reservations as back-up, Covid, Tesla Model Y arriving much earlier than expected, and some people just changing their mind.
  5. Number of active reservations

    How many active (non-cancelled) reservations did you think there are right now? This includes non-cancelled reservations along with orders that have been placed but weren’t previously subject to a reservation. Although it appears the order/reservation # is in the 80k’s right now, there’s a...
  6. X plan eligibility question

    Ahh that makes sense. I suspected that may be the case, which is why I decided to get a membership right away.
  7. X plan eligibility question

    I joined a week or so ago and got a pin immediately (same day I joined). The pin is good for 1 year.
  8. Ford Options Retail Rebate

    I find it interesting how the $2500 Ford Options Retail Rebate is only available for the Mach E and requires that the consumer take delivery within a week from now. In other words, literally no one qualifies since no one can take delivery of a vehicle that has not yet been produced. I’m guessing...
  9. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order 10074xxx placed today. Premium, RWD, Standard battery, star white, San Diego, CA.
  10. Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    So when this so-called “order bank” opens, is that an online system for placing an order? I thought we had to work directly with the dealer? Or does the order bank incorporate the pricing info for the dealer we selected?
  11. 2021 Mach-E Price List (Lowered Pricing for Premium and California Route 1 Models)!

    This pricing for the premium is unchanged from the price that showed up when I reserved it a week ago.
  12. Delivery date for recent reservations

    Thanks so much! Fingers crossed.
  13. Delivery date for recent reservations

    I just made a reservation this week for the premium, putting me at around 74,xxxx. It looks like I won’t get it delivered in the first 12-month run, so does that mean I’m looking at very late 2021 at the earliest or 2022? Also, any insight into when Ford will likely hit the 200k mark for the tax...