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  1. Change of Dealership

    I have basically the same timing as Joel and also just talked to the Mach-E help line. I got a slightly different answer. On June 29 when I made the request I was told it would be completed by the end of the week but, if not, by 7/6 (today). I called on July 2 and was told that it would be...
  2. Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    Picking nits here but I believe the RAV4 has what is called "Part-time AWD" not four-wheel drive. From Edmonds: "What Is All-Wheel Drive? As the name implies, all-wheel-drive systems power both the front and rear wheels all the time. But in practice, there are actually two types of drivetrains...
  3. Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    Technically, I think the RAV4 Hybrid and Prime have AWD, not 4WD. Our RAV4 Hybrid AWD does a great job in the snow and on wet roads!
  4. Mach-E Driver's Seat Impressions (Non-Driving)

    Good observations but, in 2019, Ford sold about 72,000 mustangs (all versions combined). Quite a drop from the peak year of >600,000. Do you think they could have sold 50,000 EV fastbacks? Maybe--but, if so, that would probably be an indication that the old ICE Mustang was not really what...
  5. Escape S owners: Select infotainment sound quality vs B&O?

    My Bolt Premiere has petty good music sound. On a scale from 1-10 (1= worst car audio I have experienced; 10= best car audio I have experienced) I would put the Bolt Premiere at a 7. The Bolt LT I would put at a 5.
  6. Deposits - what are you hearing?

    The $500 reservation deposit will be refunded directly to the source of initial payment upon ordering or cancelling. I have reservations with each of two dealers in Madison, Wisconsin. One (Corey Noltner at Middleton Ford), has been super responsive and is charging a $500 order deposit. The...
  7. Mach E energy consumption

    My 2017 Bolt EV is rated at 238 miles. Spring through Fall I routinely beat that range with typical city range being 275+ dropping to 190--225 in deep (Wisconsin) winter with cabin heat, seat heat, and steering wheel heat. On the highway at 75 mph, non-winter range drops to about 210--225. My...
  8. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide

    Thank you! Here is a PDF file with the entire guide.