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  1. Ford Awards TomTom Global Traffic Service Deal for Next-Gen SYNC Tech to Predict Congestion

    You shouldn’t be paying $200 a year for SXM. It used to be that you could call at renewal time to get it for half price. Now they’ve added the option online, so you just have to manually choose the promo instead of letting it automatically renew.
  2. Order status

    I believe it‘s 7 business days before it reverts, not calendar days. At least, that’s what the MME help line told me. For what it’s worth, my dealer accepted the order on Monday, and it wasn’t updated on my online order status page until Thursday.
  3. Security Cameras at Charging Stations?

    Depends on the station. But in my experience, most of the time, no.
  4. Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    The RAV4 Prime looks fantastic if you’re in the market for a PHEV. But I’ve been driving an Outlander PHEV for a couple years, and I spend most of my time trying to drive in a way that will prevent the engine from starting so that I can do all of my driving in EV mode. I’ve decided that it...
  5. Order accepted.. now what?

    I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to a dealer of any car brand that knew more about the vehicles they sell than I did.
  6. “Order Accepted”

  7. “Order Accepted”

    Any chance you can post that screenshot? I've been googling for it, but haven't been able to find it. By the way, I called the MME help line to ask what would happen if my dealer can't figure out how to accept the order. They said if the dealer doesn't accept it within 7 business days it will...
  8. US Federal EV Tax Credit - Things to know

    This part isn’t quite accurate. Ford has been selling PHEV vehicles for quite some time that have qualified and have been eating away at that 200,000 number. That being said, I still don’t expect that Ford will hit 200k in the MME’s first model year.
  9. Delivery Date Moved to Q1 2021

    Dealers have no idea. They’re just guessing.
  10. Ford Charger for Mach-E

    Just in case anyone isn't aware, any brand wall charger will work just fine with the MME. Unless you really want it to have a Ford logo on it, there are a lot of options. I just installed the ChargePoint Home Flex over the weekend. MSRP on that is $100 less than the Ford version and you can...
  11. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    If the reservation numbers are even close to sequential, could the total number really be up to over 87,000 if they’re only planning to make 50,000 the first year?
  12. Towing capacity?

    I’ll do that, thanks!
  13. Towing capacity?

    The InvisiHitch system is the one I want, so I was hoping an early adopter would be near them so they could make one. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your results.
  14. Order site is up!

    I just received this email from my dealer. They must think the order they received was just an inquiry. Ugh. Thank you for reaching out. At this time we are taking orders for the Mach E. I can send you the information if you are interested. This email is a gauge to see how interested you...
  15. Order site is up!

    Not necessarily. These are in the Order FAQ: Your order does not guarantee a set-price for the vehicle. The Dealer’s final selling price may be subject to change. All current available incentives (including AXZD-Plans pricing) and fees will be applied at purchase. See your Dealer for details.
  16. Cable Length for the Ford Charge Station?

    That’s why I just installed a ChargePoint Home Flex with a 60 amp breaker for a sustained charge rate of 48 amps.
  17. Interior Protection Package?

    There was an option to add the mats when ordering? I guess I didn’t see that. Oh well.
  18. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    I was able to place my order this morning for a Premium AWD SR in Infinite Blue with an order number of 10031xxx. My only concern is that the next step is for my dealer to accept the order. But they are completely clueless about the Mach E. I called them last week and they said they had zero...
  19. Cable Length for the Ford Charge Station?

    The note about a dedicated NEMA 15-50 240V outlet makes no sense since a 15-50 outlet is 3 phase, which you won't find in North American homes. That could be a typo, but I think they meant NEMA 14-50.