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  1. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Crossroads in Wake Forest,NC said probably not on ADM due to no pricing yet, and X plan was unknown for the same reason. This was from an email this morning. I'm not too worried as there are a number of dealers in the area, someone will play ball.
  2. Model Y Quality Issues Aplenty

    Yeah, I've done the drain and charge thing multiple times, no change. Only change happens is when things warm up, I get about a 5 mile estimated bump then. TeslaFi reports between 291-296 for the last 10K miles, changing some along with the weather. Ultimately it doesn't matter because for my...
  3. Model Y Quality Issues Aplenty

    It would be nice if they could apply just a little more paint. Mine was mostly ok, but it is definitely thin. PPF is rather important, at least for the bumper. My 3 (~11/2018 build date) needed a glass roof replacement (off-center, enough so that I wouldn't have been able to use a roof rack if...
  4. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    I don't mind driving to buy the car, but I wouldn't own anything where service is far away (not sure how those Tesla owners do it). Raleigh has a Tesla SC so we are covered, but if anything happens that involves serious bodywork you may not see your car for months. Heck, it took 5 months for me...
  5. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Anxious to see what happens around me (Raleigh, NC). Lots of dealers within 3 hours of my home, and I'll drive to one if it pays to do so. Not a big fan of pricing shenanigans for a commodity purchase.
  6. Tesla starts canceling Solar Roof orders after years of taking deposits

    Similar thoughts here. Have a 3, considered trading for a Y, really don’t feel like rolling the dice given they are in production hell again and refuse to address their random quality issues. There are other concerns, but initial quality is one they should have had solved by now. And my paint...