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    Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    Nice report, I bet you were a little worried about running out of charge!
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    My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    Sweet Mary-Jane, I'm excited after reading yer 1st impressions!
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    The Smoking Tire Review Calls Mach-E Staggeringly Good

    Please link me to yer favorite review.
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    Ford releases some info on Mach-E Over-the-air updates (OTA) feature

    I'll believe it when....................
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    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    Buy F?...Maybe a little Bump in value/price when M-E & Broncos are on the road. It'll take time to see if they are accepted by the consumer. Lots of E vehicles coming out, so stiff competition in that category. Dividends apx 5% is pretty good. I own it!
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    Mach-E featured on NBC's Today Show

    Thanks, I just set the DVR.
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    A lot of information on Mach-E

    WOW...Information Overload!
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    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    Q: Extremely excited to see the mach-e in person. Will you be getting one as your everyday driver? Answer: I'm strongly considering it! I've got my reservation right now and am trying to figure out if I want it not or if I want to save up for the GT. The benefit for working here is you get to...
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    Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    FB & Twit Joined. Wish the E was available now!
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    Will you rebadge or stripe your Mach E?

    I'll de badge every emblem not attached with clips (Drilled Holes In body) also all decals will be removed immediately as well as directing the dealership to not put an advertisement sticker/emblem on the car + cheesy license plate frame with an advertisement on it.
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    Dealer Events

    I wish it was close.
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    Autoline 11/21/2019: Professional auto journalists interview Dave Pericak, Chris Walter

    Thanks for posting...This is a MUST-SEE video for all interested Mustang-E Humans!
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    Mach-E Spotted Undisguised In The Wild

    I figured that.
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    Mach-E Spotted Undisguised In The Wild

    Not a fan of all black front & rear!