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  1. PAAK on hold till April?

    as long as you don't need to scroll while driving to find your songs
  2. Ford - Make the 'Volume' button so much MORE...

    so you mean 2023, right? (yeah just kiddin, sort of)
  3. Parking lights come on from a half a block away?

    Is this normal to have the lights come on when you are inside somewhere and then come out of the building a couple hundred yards away? I actually wonder if they came on while in the store walking around? Seems odd. profile set to Key Fob and PAAK.
  4. Ford - Make the 'Volume' button so much MORE...

    I've had my car since early march. I have not once seen any use for the "OK" button on the volume knob pop up. Useless. Please at least make it a Mute button.
  5. Has anyone not received their OTA update?

    So far not impressed with the OTA feature, or lack thereof.
  6. Battery sympol instrument display.

    set a new destination and that should clear it.
  7. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    Do we have any idea what month will start GT production?
  8. GT PE order with no deposit?

    same. expecting a money call at some point...
  9. Mach E Select Creak and

    The age ole problem of rattles. We have come so far, and yet we can't figure out how to build a car with rattle stopping foam in over 80 years. Sad really...
  10. FordPass 3.21.0 Released

    I don't get that thankfully. maybe it is a setting you have on. I just want the watch app back.
  11. Charging port door - flimsy or solid?

    Metamucil? (Sorry, couldn't help it)
  12. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    later on you can use the dealer order # and dealer name/address to call Ford and get your VIN number. At least that was the case last time.
  13. Wish List for OTA Changes/Enhancements

    Like to have the Sirius song name still show when you click on the single name of channels row below, and it turns to multiple lines of channel icons. There is still plenty of room at the top area for the channel and song name, etc.
  14. GT ordering poll

    Do we actually know that the regular GT has different suspension than the Premium? Where did it say that? If that's the case, I don't mind that at all, as I feel like the Premium could be a little bit tighter for my taste.
  15. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    I guess the key is if the dealer order is logged, or cross referenced at Ford, as the pre-order converted, or just a new order. I can't tell either way.
  16. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    Yes, I have that with the 4 digit number, but how does any of that let them know you have a pre-order number place in line? It just looks like a fresh dealer order to me.
  17. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    compare it to what exactly? I have two numbers. The reservation, and now order number, and the congrats email 4 digit number. In any case, I'm pretty sure they screwed it up. And if that's the case, I'll probably just look for another model later this year.
  18. GT ordering poll

    Then why not offer this as an upgrade to all models? A track style performance suspension is one thing. A comfort and overall handling thing is another. So Ford thinks regular and GT base level people like bumpy rides? I don't get the marketing process. Let us choose to pay for what we like...
  19. Mach-E sold out says Jim Farley

    I'm not sure how soon is soon. The email about the GT's kind of indicated that 21 orders through the end of this year and then 22's. That may be a different timeline than regular ME's, but I'd almost rather a '22 if it is going to take till close to the 4th quarter.