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  1. methorian

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    It shouldn't cause any issues. Maybe just let them know that you've done the paint correction - all they should do is a chemical decon before putting the wrap on to ensure no more compound/polish/etc on the paint.
  2. methorian

    Display mismatch (light vs dark)

    Same thing happened to me yesterday while running errands during my lunch break. I didn't fiddle with it too much, other than trying to set it back to dark (which didn't work). By the time I left work it had sorted itself out. I've had other little oddities like this one, which usually correct...
  3. methorian

    Carbonized Grey First Edition Available - Roanoke, VA

    I think you may have managed to snag the second one that came in (or was yours actually that VIN? I didn't think that first one was there very long). They ended up with two Carbonized Grey FE's for sale, 'cause 2 employees had ordered and then cancelled (I assume on purpose, so they'd have FE's...
  4. methorian

    Solved the Phone Charging issue

    I'm going to be using some of these to stick on the underside of the rubber mat. Will update once I get them and try it out.
  5. methorian

    What's the deal with the Qi charger constantly going idle on my phone?

    I had luck with my iPhone 12 Pro by putting a small piece of rubber at the bottom of the pad, to stop the phone from sliding all the way down the paid. Partner has an normal iPhone 12, with a Magsafe case, and said he has to turn his phone upside down on the pad to charge. I stuck an...
  6. methorian

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    I got the first one right after driving home, hadn't plugged in.
  7. methorian

    Turn Signal Switch Finish

    Glad I'm not the only one! I always end up "picking" at the high spots on the plastic. May work on smoothing it out at some point, definitely cheap feeling...
  8. methorian

    home charging and electrical understanding, what am I missing...

    You are correct that using the Mobile EVSE's 240V plug (14-50) on a 30A circuit could (SHOULD) trip your breaker. I'd advise you to purchase a stationary charger (Grizzl-E, Wallbox, Chargepoint, ENEL-X, etc) and hardwire it to your 30A circuit and set it's max rate to 24A (80% of 30A). That...
  9. methorian

    How long can i leave Mach e unplugged?

    No way to initiate it yourself, it'll just happen automatically. I don't think connected stuff works once it's in deep sleep, right now. I remember seeing something about a future update allowing connected services even in deep sleep.
  10. methorian

    First ChargePoint now JuiceBox!

    Second the Pulsar Pluses! Have two in power sharing mode and they've been working beautifully.
  11. methorian

    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    PaaK is continuing to work more reliably for me. This past weekend I had a weird moment. Running errands and as I went to get in the car I had pre-emptively went to open FordPass on my phone walking to the car. It froze, so I force closed and attempted to re-open. Froze again at the Ford logo...
  12. methorian

    Mach E Aftermarket Dashcam

    You'll also find more info here:
  13. methorian

    FordPass 3.20.0 released for Android (3.20.1 out with bug fixes on 04/20)

    Updated on iOS without issue. It is stuck telling me that it's charging my 12V. It was at one point last night, but certainly isn't now.
  14. methorian

    Light-up pony emblem for front of car?

    At least one of the GT models/packages should have the illuminated pony, unless it gets cut. It is seen in a lot of the press stuff for the GT. Also seems to be standard on the China built models they've announced. Those come with the GT front bumpers on all models. I'd guess once those are out...
  15. methorian

    Ford Pass Version 3.19.0

    That's it! I'm slowly moving away from Smartthings as my main home automation platform to HA. Very powerful. There's a FordPass custom integration, though it's still not ready for prime-time, especially with the Mach-E yet. I have BMW integration for my i3 that works really well though.
  16. methorian

    Ford Pass Version 3.19.0

    Have you looked into Home Assistant? Takes some learning and time to setup, but well worth it if you have a lot of IoT in your home. Makes combining multiple platforms much easier, especially if they don't have integrations between the two by default.
  17. methorian

    Ford Pass Version 3.19.0

    Not sure how tech-y you are, but you can get FordPass integrated with some smart home stuff manually if you wanted/needed.
  18. methorian

    How long can i leave Mach e unplugged?

    Correct, no issues at all on my end. I also have had my Mach-E charging for weeks at a time without interaction and no issue. I'm lucky enough so far to not have had any software/programming issues that I know of.
  19. methorian

    Ford Tests BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving in “Mother of All Road Trips” Ahead of Mach-E OTA Software Update

    That's just lane keep assist - it'll just ping-pong you back and forth. Right now the only time lane centering is active is if you have cruise-control on. Lane centering keeps you the center, as the name implies. I want that without having to have cruise-control on, which is what the...