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    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Finally got PPF on mine. There were not too many places within 100 mile radius for XPEL, 3M or SunTek. I was able to get a few quotes and went with Moose’s Wraps in Troy, PA. Aryc gave me the best price and the best customer service. Though I initially had some trepidation with the whole idea of...
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    Expanding the Electrify America and Electrify Canada Networks for the future of eMobility

    Definition of Rhetorical Question A rhetorical question is asked just for effect, or to lay emphasis on some point being discussed, when no real answer is expected. A rhetorical question may have an obvious answer, but the questioner asks it to lay emphasis to the point. In literature, a...
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    Expanding the Electrify America and Electrify Canada Networks for the future of eMobility

    I think we could all agree with the great need for more DC/FC’s in a lot of places across the country, and that was my point with the picture of Tesla’s 8 superchargers vs well, essentially 0 fast chargers in that one prime location. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Tesla has been at it a lot...
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    Expanding the Electrify America and Electrify Canada Networks for the future of eMobility

    Well for the many people who are traveling a route where they get on 76 after Carlisle but who may be getting off before KoP, it may be a strategic location. Tesla seems to think so.
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    Expanding the Electrify America and Electrify Canada Networks for the future of eMobility

    Looking forward to EA expansion and hoping they will succeed in installing these chargers in strategic locations near Superchargers everywhere. I was traveling east across southern PA today and this is what is offered at the rest stop at PA Turnpike mi 289. Eight new Tesla Superchargers and an...
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    Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    Oops, wrong nerd. @ebeponyan, hope you don’t mind my using your joke—frequently! 😁
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    Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    @generaltso, Hope you don’t mind. I used your joke several times already for a bunch of laughs. I always give credit to the origins, however. Hope the assessment by my youngest is taken with the intended good humor, as it is spot on: “This forum is a bunch of nerds. So many dad jokes.” 😉
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    Just looked and unless I missed it, didn’t find Infinite Blue as a color option on any Ford model. So I am thinking you are right.
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    Noticing Seat Discoloration

    Actually, It’s after I get back from a long drive that I notice the tinnitus most. Maybe unrelated, but it reminds me of the buzz when I do notice it.
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    Noticing Seat Discoloration

    Wow. Thank you all for your help. I never considered any of those thoughts and it sounds hopeful that maybe it can be addressed. I will call my dealer and ask about having this looked at to see if they can clean it up or replace it. I actually thought that maybe something was sprayed on it, but...
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    Noticing Seat Discoloration

    I should have labeled. Top picture is front passenger and bottom picture is back passenger. I am starting to wonder if this is something unique to my MachE.
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    Noticing Seat Discoloration

    Though I try not to complain about things, I woke up cranky this morning so I’m going to complain about something now. I have noticed some marks appearing on my seats as per pictures below. No one has ever even sat on the backseat, and only a handful of times in the front for short distances...
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    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    Are we doing this bit again? I hope it doesn’t end on the same note as the last time. I’m onboard for the coffee maker though.
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    Rescue manual: Emergency response guide for Mach-E

    Yay, macchiaz-o to the rescue on the Rescue Manual — filed neatly under manuals. Didn’t even think of looking there. Thanks macchiaz-o for finding it and for reminding me of your awesome Wiki compilation of manuals and instruction videos. I keep a Note entitled “Troubleshooting MME” with all...
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    1PD ... why do you use it?

    I drove my old car again after driving my Mach E for a month and I almost missed my right turn I was making. I forgot I wasn't using 1pd and my car didn’t slow down quickly enough having not put on the break. I love 1pd because one of my favorite activities is snowmobiling which uses the same...
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    Rescue manual: Emergency response guide for Mach-E

    Obviously it was taken down. The only explanation.
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    Ugh... Water Spots!

    @RedStallion, I really admire your attitude and wish I could be detached from material objects like that. At this point, however, I’m obsessively cleaning at least once a week too. Griot Garage products are what we use. Love the drying cloth.
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    I can't seem to tell FordPass to charge the car to 100% anymore

    So this just popped up for you? I still don’t have it on my iOS and I really miss it. I tried to do the help chat about it, but the agent had no clue what I was talking about. I would really like this back. PS— So cool to actually see the name Saphira on the screen. So glad you chose it...
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    Ordered touch-up paint

    I just ordered the touch-up paint from Ford Parts myself and it came (to the dealer) the next day. I got one rock chip and told my husband, “That’s it. I’m taking the advice of the forum guys and I am making an appointment with the XPEL shop.”—which I did and was told if I bring the touch up...
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    Huge screen with zero Entertainment options !

    GoGoGadgetMachE is like the librarian of the forum. He knows all.