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  1. 1pt21Gigawatts

    How to - add 'access ports' for LVB connection points

    Aren't the things a little difficult to put jumper cables on through those little holes?
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    Dash Cams

    I will end up having to get one, but I really wish the dash cam function was available at launch. It's people key these as often as they do with the Tesla, then we are going to need them
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    Day 4: Owning a Mach E

    could always yank the modem cable. I'm doing it. Plug it in for OTA for an hour every couple months. Might even make it a switch
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    ADMs might be out of control? $2.8M for a Mach-E. Call Pierre Ford before it's gone!

    what do you think of that new $1k price reduction on the model Y? Maybe something that might be reflected in the next round of incentives for the Mach-e?
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    First Trip - Efficiency/Charge Info

    Keep hearing about this wind noise from the glass misalignment. Wonder what’s up with that
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    Missing Promised Features/Software Bugs

    Still really bitter about the steering wheel. Also the LEDs are barely distinguishable between red and orange in the FCTP I tried. Also I know it’s not the biggest deal but I did find myself wanting to be able to tilt the driver’s seat for thigh support.
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    Jump Start Guide in Owner Manual

    I’m honestly considering just running a jumper cable from that positive post and leaving it attached all the time so I don’t have to reach it in case things go horribly wrong.
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    Test Drive units in IL

    Is anyone aware of any FCTP vehicles that might be available in Illinois? A family member is trying to get a test drive in and is having some difficulty finding a unit. Would be much appreciated! (Preferably in silver, want them to see which color I’m getting :) )
  9. 1pt21Gigawatts

    Signature Wheels Mach-E Adventures

    I don’t think there’s any Problem with seeking an enthusiast forum for feedback on a new product, I know that a lot of Tesla accessory market things started out on their forums and usually offered special offers for the people there on the product launch
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    Signature Wheels Mach-E Adventures

    Wow those are all very attractive, though I have to think I’m not alone in saying that when I look at them I am concerned about how open they are, as something that has such large exposed area is usually accompanied by substantially reduced range. With the mustang being a bit sensitive to drag...
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    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    I don’t agree though. Toyota even made a PHEV. A /PHEV/ with a heat pump with the RAV4 prime for the efficiency benefits. And that’s a car that has infinite KWh from gas.
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    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    Don’t know if 65° San Francisco weather is necessarily worst case scenario for this vehicle. We’ll see once we get that Colorado cold weather drive how much the heat pump oversight will cost He specifically says on the screen that the heat pump makes the HVAC 2 to 3 times more efficient...
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    Thread for Mach Es w/o any problems :)

    What’s been your average consumption bombing around in it? Know it’s real cold there right now.
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    Mach-E First Edition - First Impressions on 300 mile road trip.

    Do you have what your overall consumption (mi/kWh) and average speed for that trip? Sounds like a great test at 21F!
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    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    I’ve never seen a quick lane before. Just looked, there are 4 in Upstate NY. Might be different somewhere else.
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    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    I am truly in love with the idea of being three degrees of SOL if my battery ever dies on a trip. And then having to find a hotel and get into see a dealer later that week. For a battery.