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  1. timbop

    South Jersey: Miller Ford has 4 Mach E on the lot (no ADM)

    I was with my daughter buying a new Escape at Miller Ford in Lumberton, and they had 4 Mach E's on the lot. 1 was a CA RT1 that is their demo model, but the other 3 were apparently orders that backed out. Forgot to ask if they are adding ADM, sorry *** EDIT: Asked today, and no ADM
  2. timbop

    Reputable Solar companies and what I need to know

    Now that I've got my car and a new roof on my house, I need to buy solar panels. There seems to be plenty of sleazy companies out there, so I'm wondering if any of the bigger players are reliable or if a smaller company would be better- I have no idea how much aftersales support is necessary. I...
  3. timbop

    Positive reactions

    We've had really crappy weather since I got my Rapid Red Route 1 in mid February, so I haven't generally gone places where there are a lot of people. I have driven to work, gone for takeout, and generally driven "to nowhere" just for the fun of it but mostly at night. Up until today I haven't...
  4. timbop

    Scarlett's home! (California Route 1 aka ER RWD)

    I was off yesterday and apparently she arrived at the dealership overnight Sunday and into Monday - so I SHOULD have been able to take her home yesterday and give her a full workout. Unfortunately the dealers' software wasn't able to print the contracts properly for options yesterday, so I had...
  5. timbop

    Using automatic Lane Centering

    For those of you with your cars, are these the correct steps to enable and then use the Lane-centering while driving? First you have to enable adaptive cruise control and automatic lane centering in the settings get up to speed on a road with clear lane markings, centering the car in your lane...
  6. timbop

    Anybody else getting "the look"?

    Tonight I read an article on insideevs about how Ford descoped the range on the Route 1 (which I have on order), and mentioned it to the wife and daughter. The vacant glassy eyed stare I got back leads me to believe I might need to talk less about the car.
  7. timbop

    EPA posted the Mach-E California Route 1 MPGe range numbers

    From inside EVs, apparently Ford scaled back the range from 314 miles to 305. I had a feeling the real numbers with 18" aeros had to be better than a +5 mil advantage.
  8. timbop

    Green Car Reports does 70mph highway test with Premium AWD Extended Range Mach-E, gets EPA range

    tl;dr: 219 mi range at sustained 70mph in 50 degree weather There's some bad math at the end trying to compute the rate of the other models. The ER RWD should be in the...
  9. timbop

    Better times ahead (aka the end of the dumpster fire is nigh)

    While 2020 has been a horrible year for many, I'd like to "accentuate the positive" and look forward to a much better 2021 for all. I myself have been lucky as hell that this year has been nothing more than an inconvenience: I still have a steady paycheck, no one in my family has come down with...
  10. timbop

    POLL: Those that have TAKEN DELIVERY, where are you located?

    Please only make your poll selection when you take possession your car. It might be interesting to see the evolution of where deliveries happen over time
  11. timbop

    Fordpass charging logistics: when will we know?

    Now that the cars are actually starting to ship, seeing Tom Molougney's plug-and-charge session as well as his follow-on comments in this week's insidevs blog has once again got me thinking about the mysterious FordPass charging network and the procedure for actually using one's account for...
  12. timbop

    Some of us just got screwed by New Jersey - but Ford is stepping up!

    **** UPDATE April 15 2021 *** Apparently Ford is stepping up their game! **** UPDATE Apr 9 2021 **** Apparently it is indeed true that if you ordered before 12/15, took possession of the...
  13. timbop

    Route 1 mileage / range revealed on window sticker

    All, my Route 1 went "to plant" yesterday, and today I have a window sticker. Of significant interest is that it doesn't say "do not ship", and it HAS the section on fuel economy and range (305mi) filled in. It not as good as I hoped the Aero wheels would give it, but that is probably due to...
  14. timbop

    LFP rushed into production?

    One major issue with being on the bleeding edge is that sometimes it doesn't work out.
  15. timbop

    Nice article on insideevs about Mach E

    They're heavily biased towards Tesla, but a fair writeup. He missed that the MME does indeed have a much larger buffer, but I'll forgive that given the generally positive tone.
  16. timbop

    Holman Ford in Maple Shade NJ - anyone going Nov 5th?

    Hey all, can anyone going post if the only cars are the blue and the black? I REALLY wanted to see rapid red, and since I've already seen the others I may just skip going.
  17. timbop

    Update on Electrify America charger replacement along east coast of US

    I figured it was best to post this info in a new thread for those interested in the EA chargers along the east coast. I've been keeping an eye on how well the replacement equipment is doing, at least with respect to the checkins on plugshare. In general, it looks like it is taking them 3-4 weeks...
  18. timbop

    Let's all tone it down a bit

    Let me start by saying I'm nobody special, and feel free to ignore everything I have to say because I'm a self righteous pinhead. I know we're all getting anxious for more information from Ford, and emotions are starting to run high. But in the past week or so the tone of posts here has gotten...
  19. timbop

    Wanted: pics of Rt1 wheels under aero cover

    With the road show beginning next week, I'm hoping that a Route 1 is available at one of the dealers. If any of you see one, would you mind asking to see what's under the aero covers (and take pics of course)? The wheels are supposed to be gloss black, but I'd love to if they look a lot better...
  20. timbop

    MME Efficiency: place your bets

    The question came up in another thread, but I think it deserves its own topic: what's your guess on the final EPA range/efficiency of the Mach E? ** EDIT/NOTE My mi/kwh numbers are expected driving efficiency displayed on the infotainment system and don't include the overhead in heat loss from...