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  1. I ordered on March 6, 2021 & just got my build date!

    My build date was start of March. Latest estimate is June for delivery
  2. I ordered on March 6, 2021 & just got my build date!

    PSA none of you have a build date. You have an estimated build date. :oops:🤣😣
  3. I ordered on March 6, 2021 & just got my build date!

    Yeah good luck with this - sincerely. I ordered July, build date was end of feb/early march. According to the tracker, I'm picking up my MME today. Suffice to say, that's BS it hasn't even changed to built. So who knows why Ford is claiming my car has been getting built for last 2months -ish.
  4. Anyone else's tracker go from build to delivery really quick?

    Here's my issue: Ford tracker has been marked as in production since 6-March, still doesn't show as built (build process shouldn't take this long??) but the tracker says delivery estimate is 10 days from now (22-Apr). Delivery is to Seattle, dealer has told me he has the same information and...
  5. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    Let’s all add one more comment speculating on what else it could be
  6. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    Wow. 5 pages of conjecture. I’ll never get that 20 minutes back. OP you’ve been given good advice, test drive another and take to the dealer. Can we just get real data from accelerometer or info from a test drive comparison on what dealership is doing to fix? Not much point continuing this...
  7. Order Tracking is Broken?

    On a positive note, I love the Ford tracker and, as long as it’s reliable, I appreciate the added info
  8. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    don’t have mine yet. I was referencing another owner who had taken delivery and expected the Ford pass feature that enables plug and charge to charge him at the lower EA rate but was charged at the non member rate (despite him being a member) since Ford pass hadn’t connected the two accounts
  9. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    What about the charging feature how it’s not billing at the member rate on (I think) electrify America chargers? please don’t blast me if it’s noted elsewhere, I did search.
  10. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    Asking strangers how much things cost is never good etiquette in my book. Go online and find out. This happens with tattoos all the time.
  11. Brake Caliper Covers

    I was erring towards yellow too on same logic
  12. Brake Caliper Covers

    what color are you going with? I thought about blue but figure it’ll make IB look more plain/silver so maybe color matching instead.
  13. EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    Sucks. I wasn’t planning on using a front license plate. Enough Teslas seem to get away with it
  14. Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Would you be so kind as to provide the split? I.e how much for suntek ppf and ceramic separately? thanks in advance!
  15. Pacific Northwest Deliveries Begin--White Select Available

    Looks like we’re all part of same club. I actually switched mine from the one north of here to Bellevue, much better service so far and sounds like that followed through with sale for @SpaceNeedle . Although mine will be a while yet. Build shifted back to March :(
  16. Cost of Charger Installation by Electrician

    Definitely inclined to dig myself but will need to align with electrician on where it’s needed first. Don’t want to go digging in wrong spot!
  17. Cost of Charger Installation by Electrician

    Good to know that’s an option but I think I’ll end up spending more money that way so may be best to just go for the garage. Plus then I can claim electricity is for washer/dryer and avoid the electricity noob/electric vehicle owner tax!
  18. Cost of Charger Installation by Electrician

    Thanks for posting, this seems closest to my unique situation. I’m looking to purchase a house (built 1946 but extensive renovations). I have no idea if there’s enough amperage (not electrician forgive wrong use of terminology) but my main problem is the off-street parking is roughly 90ft away...
  19. Test Drives

    Your ebay purchase doesn’t address the nose though, GT front fascia still doesn’t have that smile
  20. The Ultimate Mach-E Insurance Quotes Thread

    There’s a reason for that. Too many variables. Isn’t much use having a 400 page thread about insurance when only a small percentage match your scenario of age, discounts, driving length, coverage differences, parking scenario, city, accident history, secondary drivers, trim level, blah, blah...