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  1. Rivian Pickup Spotted

    Amazon has a 100 000 van order and the first ones have been delivered.
  2. Fast (level 3) chargers in northern parts of lower Michigan, the UP of Michigan, northern Wisconsin do not exist.

    Good to hear. The Tesla planned location in Escanaba is first announced in 2018 at the Mejeir location shows no evidence of permitting or construction activity. Drove thru last week. Now Rivian has announced four dcfc locations in the UP of Michigan via thru maps but no specific addresses...
  3. Despite Musk claims, Tesla will not be at L5 by end of year

    In 2018 the CEO stated a Model S would soon be driving it's self across the country. In 2021 emails between Tesla and the California DOT revealed Tesla does not have level 3 capabilities. FSD is a cash cow for the company. Their software is in capable of doing what they claim as soon.
  4. KIA EV6 arriving late 2021 with 800 V battery pack

    Both are twins as was Ford and Mercury versions of the same vehicle.
  5. Washington State will ban ICE cars by 2030

    Your pulling someone's leg here. Phev have 20,000 mile oil change interval. Oils such as Mobil 1 do not gum up. Scheduling regular filter and oil changes? Easy and we can actually talk to a person at the servicecenter via telephone unlike Tesla. Oh, oil changes again, many do it in their...
  6. Washington State will ban ICE cars by 2030

    There are very few people that can run a hybrid daily on "mostly battery" with a 6-10kWh battery. In that case, you are better off just buying a BEV with a 10kWh battery.-------your reference for this statement came from.....? Follow the money again?
  7. Fast (level 3) chargers in northern parts of lower Michigan, the UP of Michigan, northern Wisconsin do not exist.

    It looks more like Ironwood-Manistique-Newberry and Marquette. Houghton should have one.
  8. KIA EV6 arriving late 2021 with 800 V battery pack

    How does 10-80% SOC in 18 minutes sound? or 60 minutes or range added in 4.5 minutes? Both are with 350kW chargers. I do not know the difference with 150kW chargers or even the 62.5kW chargers popping up all over Michigan.
  9. Roof rack?

    An example of not quite being multi purpose vehicle. Have to look at other future ev options
  10. Fast (level 3) chargers in northern parts of lower Michigan, the UP of Michigan, northern Wisconsin do not exist.

    Rivian had not specified when these will be installed. They are suppose to also install level 2 chargers and I bet some with their dcfc sites.
  11. Battery Technology vs. Winter

    No heat pump? No battery heater? No problem! Rivian has a solution that maybe Ford will be able to "use": Laura Controls Integration Engineer---Rivian Our batteries use an axial cooling method via a central cold plate — a unique design feature of our pack — which is a highly efficient way...
  12. US EV incentive rumored to increase to $10,000 [CLOSED DUE TO VIOLATION OF NO POLITICS RULES]

    Tesla has moved their pricing with the tax credit law. Look for Tesla to raise their price if the new proposed tax credit is signed into law. Would Ford and other EV makers dothe same.
  13. Redecharge Network in Michigan

    Well, something is better than nothing. We all known 50kW is slow for 2021 and moving forward. The UP of Michigan is in desperate need of DCFC CCS chargers. Heck, Tesla doesn't even have one Supercharger in the UP.
  14. Redecharge Network in Michigan

    Hage Automotive has partnered with this new network in the state of Michigan. Unknown on how fast the DCFC CCS chargers are. Unknown future locations.
  15. Using Tesla Supercharger Network

    I wonder how much of this is really for a PR piece and drive the stock price up? Has Tesla actually stated you as a non Tesla EV owner can call us up and for fee get on the network? No. Have they announce a "soon" to arrive adaptor? No. Remember the CEO stated in 2018 a Model S would...
  16. DC Charging

  17. Slow Level 2 Charging Only?

    L2 charging is always less stressful than L3 charging. It is always less stressful to keep the state of charge in the "middle range" than at either end. That said, I have not seen (much?) data from actual owners on the battery temperature during charging on any EV charger. I personally...
  18. Tesla Owners Take To Reddit Asking What Happens If 'Full Self Driving' Isn't Real

    2018 Tesla stated a Model S would soon drive itself across the country. Soon is 4 years ago and level3 of autonomic driving has yet to be certified by the California DOT. Multiple Tesla cars have had more than one owner pay for fsd! Tesla is unable to deliver on their claims. All of...