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  1. Bike Rack Solution?

    It's the Torklift Eco that others have mentioned: And I'm using a cheap Allen rack I found on Amazon. So far, so good.
  2. Key Fobs not available?

    Sheehy in Maryland had one that I bought when they did the recall programming. It was comically expensive but the wife stopped complaining, which made it worth the price.
  3. OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    If they won't tell us what is fixed, I will just assume nothing was fixed. Then I'm not dissapointed when nothing is fixed.
  4. Mini reviews of Mach E, ID.4, and Volvo Xc40 Recharge

    Three Electric S.U.V.s With Tesla in Their Sights
  5. Bike Rack Solution?

    Successful road trip with the bikes. Drove 150 miles and had barely any range loss.
  6. First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    Local mechanic took about 90 minutes to install it today. If you don't have the right tools (or if you do have the right tools, but don't want this to be a weekend project), any competent shop can do it.
  7. First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    Mine is, in theory, arriving next Tuesday. After reading those instructions I'll call my local torklift dealer and get a quote from them to install.
  8. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    I've had the alarm go off twice when it shouldn't since getting the update. Related? Maybe!
  9. For new owners: is it worth it?

    By default, the steering wheel will rumble as you go over lines, if your blinker is not on. Could that have been it?
  10. MME as ski car - estimates for range loss due to cold yet?

    Should be fine, based on my ski weekend. And if it gets dicey you can DCFC for 5 minutes on the way back. Only concerns: How fast you drive. If you're going 85 mph on the highway it'll chew up more battery than going 65. How toasty you want the cabin during your hour of lunch. When my wife gets...
  11. For new owners: is it worth it?

    It's worth it. It's also fun being an EV evangelist. That being said, my personal situation was I needed a new car this year and couldn't wait until 2022. If I had a 5 year old car instead of a 10 year old car, I would have waited for a year to see what else came out.
  12. Mach-E First Edition - First Impressions on 300 mile road trip.

    I got up to 85 kW at an EA station with a temperature of 30 degrees. It takes a few minutes to get to max throughput, though...maybe warming the batteries?
  13. Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    Basically what Tim said. The ElectrifyAmerica chargers were all CCS and they plug directly into the car. No adapter needed. And when the EA and Ford software is all working well, it starts charging within seconds after the charging station and car talk to each other. Super smooth...when it works.
  14. GOM seems a bit pessimistic

    I noticed the same thing. Car said I had 100 miles of range, drove 80 miles, had 50 miles of range left. It's like Jesus and the fishes or something.
  15. Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    You can take your hands off the wheel for brief periods, but the car will nag you to put your hands back on the wheel. Fun fact -- even with your hands on the wheel, it'll periodically nag you to put your hands on the wheel.
  16. 1 pedal driving

    It comes to a gentle stop. If you're coming up to a stop sign in a residential area, there's a certain distance where you can let off the pedal and not need the brakes at all. One pedal driving is really smooth and I highly recommend it.
  17. Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    Overview I have a RWD Extended Range Premium Mach E. This was a pretty hard test for the Mach E. We drove from suburban MD to the Bryce Ski Resort in Virginia, which was about 115 miles round trip. We did some local trips in Virginia (including going to a Wal Mart to charge). We had 5 people in...
  18. Using automatic Lane Centering

    Lane Keep Assist just turns on for me. My steps are: 1) Get on a road that can use it 2) Wait for the green bars on both sides of the car 3) Set the cruise control and wait for the green bars to turn into a blue bubble
  19. phone help, as it relates to the mach e

    If you do want to get a smartphone, you should call the FordPass guides and find out what phones are officially supported. The main Ford folks will say "there's no list of supported phones," but that's not true -- FordPass does have a list. My phone manufacturer isn't on it.
  20. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    I definitely hear it as well. Pretty annoying.