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  1. ARK

    Panoramic roof is not IRR.

    Regardless if there is an IRR coating or not, there very much appears that something has been applied, it’s not plain glass. It’s also not just tinted glass, it’s like those eyeglasses that get dark in sunlight and light in darkness, but seemingly to a much greater degree. I know some people...
  2. ARK

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    I agree that once BEVs become more common, there will be a certain tempo to it like there is with many other segments of the auto industry in terms of who has the best objective specs. Like with the F150, Silverado, and Ram - who has the best truck in any given year? Usually the brand with the...
  3. ARK

    First Mustang Mach E Road Trip 😫

    Yeah generally driving non-stop for hours on end is a pretty bad thing to put the human body through. Having to stop and get out every so often is a virtue. As a side note, also don’t see why having the car’s main screen act as an entertainment center is a good thing, last thing someone should...
  4. ARK

    First Mustang Mach E Road Trip 😫

    Sorry to hear the trip didn’t go so well. I think the lesson here is that it is especially important to have a sense of where the L3 chargers are along your route and plan stops accordingly. You should really only plan to use L2 charging at your destination, i.e. overnight.
  5. ARK

    Any Benefit for tinting panoramic roof.

    Dunno what exactly they coated the pano roof with but Ford says “The benefits of this available panoramic fixed-glass roof go beyond its expansive view. Special coating is designed to help the interior stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.” - see Ford link.
  6. ARK

    Any Benefit for tinting panoramic roof.

    I’ve driven in direct sunlight numerous times with my Mach-E with the pano roof. I also park outside full time. It is now May and I have to say, I have not been bothered by the sun coming through the pano roof nor have I felt the vehicle get excessively hot under the sun. I am generally pretty...
  7. ARK

    Home Charging Poll: How much power?

    Thank you. Putting aside time constraints someone might have, do you have a thought on what the most efficient charging rate is if the lowest speed (i.e. L1 charging) is a poor choice because of the electrical running costs to have the charging gear operating and if you also lose efficiency the...
  8. ARK

    Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    But what if he is lurking now? 😉
  9. ARK

    Home Charging Poll: The Brands

    That’s the “Ford Connected Charging Station” option on the poll. But maybe poll should be edited to have L2 “Ford Mobile Charger” option, I think lots of people use the included mobile charger with a 240v outlet. EDIT: I just reread this and think I misunderstood the post as you are asking...
  10. ARK

    Home Charging Poll: How much power?

    That’s how I’m reading the poll too. I am charging at 32 amps though my wiring is capable of more. Mostly because some discussion in other threads that the slower the L2 charge, the ever so slightly better it is for the battery’s long term health, but at the same time, the slower the charge...
  11. ARK

    When do you estimate the first reservation GT goes out?

    Summer ends on September 21 so interpret “late summer” accordingly.
  12. ARK

    What am I missing?

    It probably has to do with the settings you put in on any given app. A good way to figure out if you have set things correctly would be through trial and error, like put Denver as a destination or anywhere else really far to see if you are getting the type of route planning you would expect in...
  13. ARK

    Steering jerks as car slows to a stop

    I park on the street and regularly make the same type of U-Turn turning left you describe where I have to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. I have never experienced this vibration that you mention, but also don’t stop after turning. Since I am on the road I just keep accelerating...
  14. ARK

    What am I missing?

    I can’t really answer your questions directly because I too have never fast charged. However, I believe people really like using the website I believe they also have an app. I plugged in the route you want to take into ABRP, and assuming I chose the right...
  15. ARK

    Dealer ordered the wrong car spec, now what?

    They don’t, they have used ones that are part of Ford’s FCTP. If I understand OP correctly he is wondering whether to try and get one of those lightly used ones or hold out for a new one from somewhere.
  16. ARK

    Mach-E Flipped

    Aren't you still a few months off from taking delivery of the GT though if you are only now in a position to transform that reservation into an order? Not sure what used Mach-Es are worth at the moment, but it seems some Teslas (I'm thinking of the Model 3 in particular) have had really high...
  17. ARK

    Safety Flaws with CoPilot 360?

    While the car is moving? I wouldn’t even call this negligent, it is straight reckless. 😳
  18. ARK

    Safety Flaws with CoPilot 360?

    To be fair though, there is no such thing as CoPilot360 that you can activate or deactivate on the car. If someone went looking for that, they would not find it. It is instead the name of their suite of products, like a tech or comfort package that contains a few different things all bundled...
  19. ARK

    Sandy Munro Mach-E Episode 6: Wrap Up

    That game is also very dangerous because the tires turn with the steering wheel. If even one kid maimes an arm or leg while their buddy is playing that game or a pet gets crushed because they were checking out the tires as their friend started turning the steering wheel, would it have been...
  20. ARK

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    @Mach-E VLOG and @Liv are always so polite in their posts, why such vitriol in your response. Even if you disagree with what they are saying or didn’t like their video I don’t think they deserve a response like that. The old saying, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all...