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  1. jhalkias

    Camping Mode

    Ok, I get the "ON" part . . . two points or three of contact, but how does the car then turn "OFF"? You don't necessarily want it to turn off when you put it in park. Does getting out of the seat turn it off? And there are some times you might want it to stay on when out of the seat (getting out...
  2. jhalkias

    Camping Mode

    Our Fusion Energi also has a button to start. I don't think it is a big deal. Maybe I am old fashioned, but whether it is electric or gas, I like to turn things OFF - or ON. I'll keep mine too.
  3. jhalkias

    Automatic descent control/regen

    I was thinking about how that would work as I was driving to and from Virginia this last week through West Virginia going down those five mile long 7% grade mountains. Wondered how much range I could add.
  4. jhalkias

    Does the Mach E being built in Mexico bother you?

    Ford is an American company, with profits coming back to Detroit, and supporting UAW workers In the US too. My dad was a Ford employee, and I am loyal to the brand and to how the company and the Union treated my father with good benefits, and a living wage with a good retirement (not lavish, but...
  5. jhalkias

    New Competition Audit Q4 E-Tron Sportback - Late 2021

    Love that “Starry Night” mule wrap. Wonder if that could be an option.
  6. jhalkias

    Full scale production due to start in October

    Hopeful that this indeed is the date for full scale mass production and as others have said maybe the trial runs will be before that for demo units, etc. to get the line Up to speed. Good news at least to see the calendar is getting out now.
  7. jhalkias

    Camping Mode

    Just watched a video on it. That is pretty cool. And if you had an actual campground where you could plug in on a long trip, you could probably eliminate the battery usage, or at least cut it down. Not sure that the wife would like it, but I would...
  8. jhalkias

    Camping Mode

    No heat pump for sure. That has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. What does “camp mode” do on the Tesla? Does the car make S’mores?
  9. jhalkias

    Ford marketing idea - hit the road

    I think someone from here first posted to it, but I really enjoy Kyle’s road trips and reviews on outofspec motoring. I’m really curious to see him take a MME on a road trip. Of course, I want to take one on a road trip too.
  10. jhalkias


    I’m thinking of Michigan State where our son went to debate camp. Am I right?
  11. jhalkias


    Red is beautiful and I fixed it for him. O-H!
  12. jhalkias

    SR Battery or ER Battery

    If EV charging stations were more prevalent I would get the SR battery and be fine. My fear is that until it is more built out, I want the security of that ER. I posted in another thread we travel often on I 77 S from OH through WV and WV is a charger desert. I’m not sure even with ER that drive...
  13. jhalkias

    Tech spec adjustments

    So the load floor would have a lump in the middle if you fold the seats down?
  14. jhalkias

    Ford Awards TomTom Global Traffic Service Deal for Next-Gen SYNC Tech to Predict Congestion

    Me too. All I use. The only downside in the MME will be no charging station support for road trips.
  15. jhalkias

    Tech spec adjustments

    If you look at the tech specs closely, there is a hidden cargo space under the load floor in the rear of the MME. I would bet that space is either smaller or totally eliminated with the ER battery. There really should be no difference in the actual open cargo area.
  16. jhalkias

    Paula from Massachusetts

    Welcome. I have a premium in Rapid red ordered day of launch. Hoping to see mine before year end.
  17. jhalkias


    Loving the Red more and more.
  18. jhalkias

    Tesla the most valuable car company in the world

    One thing for sure. I have learned more about the fit and finish of new cars and defects than I ever knew before because of Tesla.
  19. jhalkias

    Active X seats

    Unicorn hide. Clean with Unicorn tears and soft cloth.
  20. jhalkias

    Ford Awards TomTom Global Traffic Service Deal for Next-Gen SYNC Tech to Predict Congestion

    One thing to NEVER do is use Waze in a snowstorm. Traffic on the interstate is slow, so it will send you through unplowed neighborhoods.