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  1. Almost ready to cancel second reservation

    I,m in Southern Ireland, they dont even sell the polestar here. Same as mme. It's just keep me informed, on that, in Ireland web site for ford. I,ll keep car on n Ireland plates for a bit as I have dual residency and addresses. I reckon nearest service centre may be in England. Shame I would...
  2. Almost ready to cancel second reservation

    I went for the cheapest. Thus I reckon I,d be lucky to have it by next summer the way things are going. Went for a spin in an e corsa the other day. Think the engine is 100kw, and it was a cracker. So 300kw polestar is going to be amazing. Prefer a less powerful version, but that's probably not...
  3. Almost ready to cancel second reservation

    Looks like I am having my mind made up for me. Polestar just released video of cars arriving and unloading in zebrugge. I think UK orders on next boat. :)
  4. Phone as key. Uk

    Is ut true that using phone as key is not available in UK, due to law or something. Apparently this is available on polestar 2!
  5. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Really!, I was under the assumption that mine was to be ready late 2020, same as other variants. Oh well choices will have expanded by then. VW id4, BMW ix3 (i think its called) and hopefully a few others. Still getting delivery from August on my Polestar order but that could mean anytime after...
  6. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    If you don't need to make select section, untill 12/31, then can only deduce it could be 2 or 3 months into the new year before these variants are available in Europe....
  7. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Just cancelled one of my reservations here in the UK, now that we can change dealer on ordering.
  8. Ford Notifies Mach-E Reservers of Order Completion “In The Next Few Days”

    I think they,ve forgotten about their European clientele !
  9. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Hmmm, my local dealer in UK, asked for a 2k deposit, which I paid. I decided to put another order in on partners name with another dealer at 1k deposit, in case first dealer gets gready. Don't have much confidence Ford can deliver to UK in early 2021 now so Placed a deposit last week for a...
  10. Jumping ship, i think.

    Here in UK, cars and bike's do have a model year. Most of general public would be quite ignorant of this. Crazy considering updates etc to new model year. The year it is registered to be first driven on the road by an owner is more important. When you are queried about what year your vehicle is...
  11. Jumping ship, i think.

    Here in UK, first thing a dealer asks you is what year is your car. Saying December 2020 will devalue the car by a year compared to Jan 2021. Same with private sale.
  12. Jumping ship, i think.

    Surely purchasing a new car in late November, December is not a smart option. 4 or 5 weeks later you have a 2021 dated car on reg docs. ???
  13. Jumping ship, i think.

    Yeah u are same boat as me. Surprised the Mach e is coming out with lower specked versions as well so early. That was attraction for me as well. I live in the sticks and smart driving features not required. Nice to have, but the basic mach e was more than enough for my requirements.
  14. Scrappage scheme UK

    Oh dear, car is 2011
  15. Scrappage scheme UK

    Got current banger close to 3 months. Gov may be announcing scrappage scheme. Anyone any idea how long o e must on car to be scrapped? Ta tom
  16. Jumping ship, i think.

    Polestar told me, upgraded paint does not affect sale value, ie will keep cost below 50k they are trying to confirm towbar as well. They say UK Gov are slow to confirm.
  17. Jumping ship, i think.

    i just moved from Europe back to N ireland. Bought a banger, 2011 peugeot 207 to see me through, until i sorted a decent car. The flamin thing is breaking my heart, mostly in 3rd gear out of 5 it is so lame. So I am pretty desperate to make a BEV purchase. 40k sterling was my budget, just upped...
  18. Jumping ship, i think.

    I thought 2020 was the year of the BEV here in Europe. Choice is very limited. Only choice I have for towbar is about 5 or 6 cars, and there is 1 certified and available in my price range. A model 3. Here in Europe there are rumours of no vat and now the UK are maybe about to produce a 6k...
  19. Jumping ship, i think.

    Frankly, not bothered between the pair of them. Need a towbar. if Tesla 3 had a driver display that would probably be in my drive.
  20. Jumping ship, i think.

    Just put deposit down for polestar 2. Pretty impressive looking car. Hope they can deliver this year. Don't trust Ford even for a January uk delivery. Will keep deposit with them anyway, you never know.