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  1. Automatic descent control/regen

    Last year while driving through rugged Trinity Alps mountains west of Redding, CA, I had to maximize my Tesla 3 range to safely return to I5 highway. Driving up hill like my grandmother and full costing down hill (without AC on), over 96 mi I added over 12 miles of range! It can be done.
  2. Tesla smashes Q2

    Hi GregM Some of your points are "interesting", but not this one: <I think the writing is on the wall that Tesla will need to mature more deeply than they have shown recently. > If any car company is more "mature" and innovated than Tesla, I haven't heard of them! Still, I don't wish to argue...
  3. Tesla smashes Q2

    Hi ChasingCoral, I've agreed with you on most all your e-Mustang posts. But agree on this Tesla-negative post? Nope! 1. Elon has confounded critics for several years. Most who have "bet against him" have gone down in flames. 2. Wall Street is not stupid even though a few within it may be...
  4. Mach E energy consumption

    I thought the same when I first tried to understand my Tesla 3 "economy" gage. But as Whr is more commonly used in the e-car biz than kWhr, using kWh per mile gives numbers like 0.3 or so, and fractions like that are considered difficult to with. The standard(?) became Wh per mile. Each way...
  5. Florida Power & Light entering vehicle charging business

    ChasingCoral, I totally agree with you! Greed will raise it's ugly head whenever they think they can pull it off without accountability.
  6. Model Y Quality Issues Aplenty

    <<I think the paint issues are going to continue as long as they paint cars in California. >> Say what?
  7. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Right on, EdzMe! You either get what you want or need from a Ford Dealer, or you say "Thanks but this won't work for me" and walk out the door. Ddealer's loss, not yours.
  8. Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Hi ChasingCoral, I have been reading your posts for months now, but have never replied to you. But your mention of using a car buying service struck a chord - I have done exactly that several times using a very knowledgable guy, and it really pays off. My guy in Bend, OR charges me $0. He and...
  9. Release: Mach-E customers to receive up to five complimentary 'fill-ups' at Electrify America charging stations

    If that $0.99 per kWh on EA is true, that is a great reason to not want to use EA ever, let alone rely on it. BTW, my utility charges $0.137 per kWh ! As I see it, even Al Capone wouldn't try to charge $.99 !
  10. Release: Mach-E customers to receive up to five complimentary 'fill-ups' at Electrify America charging stations

    Every day. Here we go again, another Ford PR sales effort, non-specific and "inferred" as always. Offering 250kWh of free charging - yay! Never mind that is worth less than $35, and still no stated price for ongoing charging on the road. I wonder why? And the garage wall charger Ford is now...
  11. Darren Palmer and Stuart Rowley Interview While Driving Mach-E Mustang

    This is the kind of trolling PR piece that this site carries almost daily which caused me to cancel my reservation months ago. So clearly an advertisement discuised as "revelation" - good expensive video, scripted talking, factually light weight. Red flags rising - makes you wonder what Ford...
  12. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    I agree with Newbie. Right decision, right reasons.
  13. Reservation cancelled by me

    No. My "dealer" doesn't even know who I am. It was the knawing discomfort with the frequent "happy PR" releases, etc etc, coupled with the lack of key statistics that flashed red in my head.
  14. Reservation cancelled by me

    Hi Marc, I cancelled my reservation over a month ago for very similar reasons. I wish everyone else well but I'll not be among them at this time. Bye, CAGrant
  15. Wait for Mach-E or not?

    Snowbolster, I totally agree with you. I reserved the MACHe five minutes after seeing it at the LA Auto Show in November. I am a Mechanical engineer- and an admitted" car guy" - and have owned 4 or 5 hybrids and plug-in hybrids. I already own a Tesla 3 (for 1.5 yrs now) which I absolutely...
  16. Electrify America charge rate for --- is up to 20 miles per minute

    Why am I not surprised at this comment. The Ford "Staff" stealthely trowling throughout this Ford Mustang MACHe web site to immediately place the Ford Spin on any non-exstatic comment no matter how factual the comment may be, just reinforces the discomfort I have felt about the whole Pr-laced...
  17. Electrify America charge rate for --- is up to 20 miles per minute

    Well folks, I just cancelled my reservation. The Ford e-Mustang, while likely a very nice electric car, is just too pricey, charging issues too vague, EPA sticker and other gov't feedback nowhere to be seen. Ford totally unresponsive to email questions as well as USPS letters, as well as too...
  18. The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    The point about vandalism and broken chargers is valid. The city of La Quinta has several locations of free Tesla chargers, and each of them has at least one broken charger - and has had for months. Likewise, Tesla superchargers at Cabazon, CA had 4 of the 24 available not working when I was...