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  1. rickmendes

    Farewell Ron Heiser, Welcome Donna Dickson as MME Chief Engineer

    Thanks Ron for the awesome EV I have in my garage. Welcome Donna. Time to get to work on OTAs to fix the charging curve and brake pedal calibration.
  2. rickmendes

    Trip Report -- Ski weekend in the mountains with the Mach-E

    Nice to finally see a report on a RWD version. Sounds like it held up well. The charging challenges have been mentioned by a lot of YouTube people that are testing out non-Tesla chargers.
  3. rickmendes

    Space White vs Star White Mach-E Pics

    Now I am happy that I went with space white. I have never been a fan of bright white.
  4. rickmendes

    Thanks to my son...I have (we have!) a Mach-E after just 24 hours and 800 miles

    Purchase and a road trip with it on day 1. Awesome, enjoy it.
  5. rickmendes

    Seriously considering the Tesla Y now, talk me down

    With all of the YouTube videos, since the Model Y was released, that showed all of its build quality issues, I don't understand why anyone would buy the MY now. Wait a year and maybe they will fix their quality and paint problems.
  6. rickmendes

    Mach-E Will Support Electrify America's New "Plug & Charge" Payment System

    As I don't want to fly under current conditions, I am thinking about taking my Mach-E on a long trip East to see family. The ABRP app has already routed me on the EA Northern cross-country route so I will get plenty of chances to try this out.
  7. rickmendes

    Mach-E Media / Press Drive Reviews Coming Mid-December, Deliveries Starting Dec 21

    Kyle Conner from Inside EVs and Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channels said last week that he will get a day with the Mach-E this week.
  8. rickmendes

    Mustang Mach-E Range and Emissions Certification

    What bothered me about the numbers published last week was it never looked like they were official, but everyone acted as if they were.
  9. rickmendes

    Ford considering battery cell manufacturing

    Raw materials space is getting more interesting with all of the new EVs coming out between now and 2025. Companies like Piedmont Lithium are fun to watch.
  10. rickmendes

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    I got my notice today. Scheduled: Week of 1/18/21 Order number: 10088021 Order date: 6/28/20 Premium RWD ER Space White California
  11. rickmendes

    Mach-E Insurance Price Quote. How Is Yours?

    We have USAA with the Mach-E replacing our 2011 Mercedes and their quote was +$44/month. We live in Los Angeles.
  12. rickmendes

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Add me to the list too: Order Number: 1088021 Order Date: 6/28/2020 Premium Space White
  13. rickmendes

    Space White and Star White Mach-E Side-By-Side at Cuautitlán Plant

    I also went space white. I have always liked white cars and I preferred the space white look over the brightness of the star white.
  14. rickmendes

    Mach-E's spotted in transit on carrier

    The excitement is starting. So nice to see a truck full of the Mach-Es.
  15. rickmendes

    Why are you purchasing a Ford Mache?

    Why? * looks * hoping for better build quality than Tesla * range on ER Missing * heat pump * sentry mode * dog mode
  16. rickmendes

    Charging Basics: How to Charge Your Mustang Mach-E Video from Ford

    I bought a Grizzl-E for $419. The last thing we need in our house is another connected device.
  17. rickmendes

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    I was originally thinking carbon gray and switched to space white when I did my order. Seeing these pics makes me glad I did.
  18. rickmendes

    Mach-E vs Model Y Side by Side Comparison From Dearborn

    Thanks. Those are nice comparison pics.
  19. rickmendes

    Order status

    It took eight days, but my Order Accepted finally showed a green check mark today. I suspected it was going to happen soon because I signed a pre order form on Friday that had all of my options for the car and the price we agreed to. Now I can wait for the email from Ford showing that they...
  20. rickmendes

    Order accepted.. now what?

    I spoke with my dealer today and it seems like they forgot to approve the order last time I spoke with them. They promised me it will be done tomorrow morning. I won't hold my breath.