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  1. Random lights on and knocking sounds when car is parked overnight

    Probably. I still drive with the fob, and use phone pairing for old-fashioned infotainment. My guess is those 2 aspects of BT connectivity are distinct, so it's the infotainment/Sync waking up for you. I think of it the same as the active shutters opening and closing during charging to run...
  2. Random lights on and knocking sounds when car is parked overnight

    That happens to me. Our garage is detached so BT connects and disconnects depending on what side of the house I'm on (or my phone is on technically).
  3. Texas Tesla Tragedy

    Please show me where I said I expected BC to be fully baked. Only 1 set of cheerleaders is claiming that.
  4. Texas Tesla Tragedy

    Providing something like that with "questionable safety" is the same as not providing it at all. If it's not fully baked it's just a toy for idiots to show off on social media.
  5. Texas Tesla Tragedy

    And clean up their dumb forums and social media. Tesla has always made only the barest fig leaf efforts to discourage the various "hacks" that people use to take their hands off the wheel woke using autopilot. They've oversold that technology for years and it's going to damage the reputation of...
  6. Ford Mach-E - Mustang or Mediocre? | In Depth (Now You Know)

    It's amazing how well those 2 can pronounce words with Elon's balls on their chin like that.
  7. F-150 faster than Mach-E!

    This just makes me excited for the capability of the upcoming F-150 BEV. Best of both worlds - that thing should be a monster.
  8. Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    I think that 5 day limit is dodgy and suspicious. Used cars are in high demand right now, but that's not likely to change super soon. I'd think your best bet is to hang on to that car. That dealer will still want it later (or someone else will). And as others have suggested, I'd look for dealer...
  9. Has anyone waiting on a build date receive any communication from Ford?

    It's solid but not specific to the Mach E, just auto manufacturing in general. I can say with certainty that that exact process is happening with other models. It's not at all unlikely that the MME is doing something similar.
  10. Has anyone waiting on a build date receive any communication from Ford?

    Think about it this way. If you're only missing 1 part, you have 99.9% of what you need to build a car. In that case, what's more economical, to shut the factory down completely, or build incomplete vehicles, park them, then install parts after the fact when you get them? Obviously it...
  11. Just to give us HOPE!

    Yeah the early reservations were a full year before production and there was a little pandemic in the middle for good measure. As a day 1 reservation holder, that experience is going to be very different from someone who orders now. You may still be in for a wait because demand is high, but it...
  12. Crazies On Parade! Tesla Fans Threaten Mach-E Owner

    Regardless, it is profoundly abnormal to wish a car accident on someone else for the "crime" of driving the wrong brand. Nothing you're saying changes who the crazy people in these exchanges are.
  13. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    It's a wildly bad take. One of the main points people make when they proselytize EV ownership is that home charging covers 95% (or some other very high number) of your charging needs, so road trip charging shouldn't be a big deal. You can't have that both ways. The MME could use a better DC...
  14. Crazies On Parade! Tesla Fans Threaten Mach-E Owner

    It's because it's more than a brand to them. It's something they've built a personal identity around. Which is mainly sad if you can get past the disgusting threatening comments.
  15. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    As I've said in other discussions of this topic, I've been swiping a credit card to buy gas my whole life. Doing the same for electricity isn't a big deal.
  16. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I've only had my MME for a month but L2 home charging and L3 DC at EA chargers have both worked 100% of the time.
  17. March 2021 and Q1 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    More likely it was the stop ship in the first half of the month. Can't record sales if you're not shipping.
  18. My wife has reallocated my Mach E.

    It is literally the only reasonable decision.
  19. Why would you by a charger?

    Yes. I upgraded to 24 foot after realizing I could run a cable of that length overhead and be able to charge either of two BEVs with but facing their charge ports towards the center of the garage.
  20. Why would you by a charger?

    My additional L2 charger cost $400 and took me 45 minutes to install. I did it myself with tools I already owned. It's not that hard.