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  1. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    I was able to get mine fixed at the dealer as well but they said the actuator was just stuck and they were able to get it unstuck, whatever that means. It has been working for 4 days now without issues.
  2. 4,500 Mustang Mach-E owners will have to wait even longer .

    Interesting, mine was built in early December and I took delivery 2 weeks ago but I did receive the email that I would be getting 250kw extra on top of my original 250kw. Mine was delayed a few weeks from the original date but I have taken delivery.
  3. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    The value of the 250kw is actually up to $105 (.42*250), I'll likely get the 105 value out of mine.
  4. 🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    I understand but ideally I'd be able to just hit the charging stations button on the navigation and I'd be able to move the map to show charging stations in the area I'm looking, not just see charging stations near where I'm currently at.
  5. 🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    I can't stand the navigation when it comes to finding charging stations. It's not intuitive at all when you click the find chargers button, it only shows them near you and you have to use the list, you can't zoom out on the map to see them on your route, it's very frustrating. I like to look at...
  6. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    Noticed the noise from the drivers screen always but today while driving it seemed to elevate even louder, now I can't even ignore it without having the stereo very loud. I sure hope this is something in the list of fixes. Seems like this and the wind noise from the roof are the most common.
  7. Mach-E Hate?

    Nothing but positive comments and thumbs up so far here. Even had a guy with a brand new Porsche Cayenne walk over and ask me about it while I was charging and told me it was great looking ride.
  8. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Please only respond with good solutions, not work arounds that shouldn't need to be done.
  9. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Same. On that note, has anyone figured out how to turn off the voice every time you start directions in navigation? That's loud and obnoxious to hear every time.
  10. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Obviously that's how it's supposed to work... It worked for the first week then stopped, drivers door is the only door it no longer works on.
  11. Locked out of my Mach E.

    That's my issue, not sure what yours is. Nothing fixes my issues.
  12. Locked out of my Mach E.

    I have this issue also. It works on all my doors and back lift gate except for the drivers door. It was working fine for 1 week then the drivers door stopped unlocking when I walk up and push the button. Only way to unlock it is the door code, key fob button, button on Fordpass, or push the door...
  13. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Drivers door not unlocking/opening without pushing the unlock button on key fob/in app/or using code on door. Doesn't automatically unlock when approaching or pushing button on drivers door, it works on all other doors.
  14. What’s the Proper Route for Escalation of Issues?

    I've been told to contact the dealership first by multiple people at Ford.
  15. Ford Options questions

    Ok, if that's true then those are the residuals for premium AWD ex.
  16. Ford Options questions

    Here are the residual rates
  17. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Yes, I can unlock using the button on the fob but it doesn't unlock without pushing the fob or pushing the unlock on Fordpass. Weird thing is that I can unlock by pushing the back door button, then all doors unlock and front door pops open, for some reason just the front door won't recognize the...
  18. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    Anyone else having an issue with the drivers door not recognizing the key or phone to unlock door/vehicle? I'm able to use either to open the back door but when I push the button on the driver's door I hear it do something but doesn't trigger the unlocking.
  19. Another road trip post, Mach-E range over a 600 mile california trip

    Ok, scratch that. I wish the time wouldn't be counted when the vehicle is in park, that way the accurate avg speed could be calculated for the trip.