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  1. How to find hotel with charging station during long trip

    I noticed has a ev charging filter to display hotels. You could cross check this with plugshare info.
  2. Accessing the Positive Terminal for the 12V Battery

    Would be nice if someone made a "cable" that could connect to a USB C port on a phone that charges a capacitor to activate the frunk opener. Possibly even something that could jump the battery.
  3. What Road Trip Charging Should Be

    That is a much smaller geographic area. About the size of a medium/large US state.
  4. California Clean Air Vehicle Decal

    Most of the California HOV lanes are not toll roads, so the only way to check is by visual markers like a sticker. If they were using lane readers at certain locations, then people would just get off before the reader. Some toll roads have options for window readers, but I don't believe it's...
  5. SOS - California Route 1 vs Premium Standard

    Laminated glass on the front side windows on the premium. Different wheel size.
  6. Sandy Munro Mach-E Episode 6: Wrap Up

    This is one of the exact reasons to have the start button, safety. Thousands of pounds that can move very fast, there needs to be basic precautions just like any other dangerous equipment. Tesla has a video game that uses the steering wheel and car pedals to drive a video game car on the...
  7. Safety Flaws with CoPilot 360?

    I didn't watch the video, but at least it says "don't try this at home." But in seriousness, the dealer is not the manufacturer.
  8. Safety Flaws with CoPilot 360?

    The fact that it is called CoPilot really implies it only does some of the work. It is "Co-" not "Auto." That's where the difference is regarding what should be expected. It's possible to find various pictures and video of Tesla showing their system without hands on the wheel, so people just...
  9. May the 4th Be With You!

    A Star Wars Day search in Google led to Star Wars confetti on the screen.
  10. Should I Buy This Used Mach-E?

    Just be sure they can give you the California program rebates, since those seem to apply to new vehicles. California has some additional programs for lower incomes ranges. This is for new vehicles I noticed it says this: "Are there any...
  11. Have you measured the actual efficiency?

    Just to be clear, the charger for L2 is in the car, the EVSE is a "smart" switch.
  12. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    I would say it's because they would rather pay thousands less. This automotive nonprofit points out a $25000 car could save about 10% in tariffs for sale in Europe. A $50000 car could save $5000 in tariff...
  13. National Electrical Code -- requires hardwiring?

    The "authority having jurisdiction" is the standard phrase used, as to who makes the final call. That means the local government inspector/permit office, regardless of what documents they use for reference, has the final say. How they interpret the NEC may be different than another...
  14. Have you measured the actual efficiency?

    The L2 (and any) charging has losses. Around 5-10% depending on equipment, etc...
  15. Techie nerd stuff

    Consider that many of the Tesla features are in Beta and not actual released versions of software, they are still developing them, having the customer do the Beta testing.
  16. Wheel locks

    One thing you need to check is the height of the wheel locks. This is what I found for actual Ford wheel locks, but depending on your wheels you may need low profile or "standard" height parts. On one of my vehicles, the standard height ones stick out a little and probably should be lower...
  17. Ford to Expand Mach-E's Early Access Program For OTA Updates

    There is an emergency open button inside the Tesla Model Y front trunk, and I don't know that it is any bigger than the Mach E one, maybe slightly smaller.
  18. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    To continue, Rear cross traffic alert Blind spot information system on appropriate sides of vehicle Assist handles Sunglass holder Dynamic, highly visible rear turn signal indicators, with side mirror indicators One touch/finger door opening On/off button for safety More/manual adjustment of...
  19. 2021 Mach-E Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick!

    You need to read the details of each test set. The Mazda didn't get all green in the crash testing, but the Mach E did, so it's strange the Mazda got the + ratings. That's why I would only view the detail tests, Mach E for green on all crash tests, only the reflector lights scored low, but...
  20. 2021 Mach-E Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick!

    It does say the projectors are good on right and fair on left (below), for the reflectors it says "inadequate on the gradual left curve." "Low beams On the straightaway, visibility was good on the left side of the road and fair on the right side. On curves, visibility was good on both right...