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  1. MSP Mach E

    Any challenges to removing calipers

    I had the guys at LaMettry's Collison remove and paint the black ones that came on it. No issues at all.... They are experts at how to do the prep-before and cc-after the painting....
  2. MSP Mach E

    Any challenges to removing calipers

    It was $1900. It took a while since they had to bleed the brakes, clear the codes with a new OE software update on the scan tool and have BASF scan the paint because Ford hasn't released the code yet. Compared to the Black Flares, worth it to me... Makes the stance of the car look...
  3. MSP Mach E

    Raising/lowering the Mache clearance

    I just saw this feed so I thought I would chime in... The MOST Important thing to consider when modifying the height with either a lift or lowering kit, or even a wheel diameter change is the ADAS Features on the vehicle. If you raise your vehicle 2 inches or worse lower it, your ADAS...
  4. MSP Mach E

    Vinyl blackout for OEM wheels.

    Looks fantastic.... You just convinced me to powder coat my wheels for next winter. And, confirmed I made the right color choice on the new summer wheels and tires on order....
  5. MSP Mach E

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Here is my SW MME after I got it back from having the grill and the gloss black center console wrapped... New Wheels & Tires are on order. 2-3 weeks out...
  6. MSP Mach E

    Any challenges to removing calipers

    I just had my fender flares painted space white and the calipers done in red. Take it to the best collision guy in your town, and make sure they do their own mechanical and don't sub it out...