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  1. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    I really wanted to get the MME, went for a test drive and didn't like the bouncy feeling. I would much rather get a stiffen suspension vs one that gives a slight bobble on smooth but uneven road. As others mentioned the Magneride suspension or aftermarket suspension hopefully would be better.
  2. Mach-E reviews by Sandy Munro the teardown King - "Ford Can Be Proud Of This"

    I'm surprised they gave him the select trim instead of premium and a dirty one at that.
  3. Eastern PA Owners

    @[email protected], nice electric setup. How do you like the Mach-E vs the Bolt. I'm looking to replace my current Volt and torn between the two. Bolt is half the cost of Mach-E but missing the wow and fun factor. Also, was there a ADM with Fred Beans?