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  1. KAustin


    I hope it's angled so water doesn't settle on it. I see there is a slope at the front.
  2. KAustin

    Win a First Edition Mustang Mach-E From Ability Connection Colorado

    @ChasingCoral, I agree it is for a good cause. My point is unless they were able to get reservations for three FEs in each color, how can a drawing be held in November 2020 with the choice of color. Especially, seeing as we now know the cut off to confirm the reservation is July 31st. Not...
  3. KAustin

    Win a First Edition Mustang Mach-E From Ability Connection Colorado

    Not sure how this will work... "The winner will have their choice of color - Carbonized Gray, Grabber Blue Metallic or Rapid Red Metallic. Or the winner may also choose $40,000 prize money."
  4. KAustin

    I found this official financing for the MME

    Are you going to lease and hope for the same outcome at the end?
  5. KAustin

    Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    You are correct. A great wealth of information. I did tweet the message, though. We'll see if they answer.
  6. KAustin

    Ford Awards TomTom Global Traffic Service Deal for Next-Gen SYNC Tech to Predict Congestion

    Likely in a forthcoming update. You can search for them, but can't select on predetermined route.
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    SR Battery or ER Battery

    Good video. Thanks for posting. Still sticking with ER though. At faster highway speeds and using A/C & heat, the range will be less. Throw in only charging to 85% - 90% and it drops even more. Everyone's situation is going to be different. My son is going to start school 120 miles away and I...
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    Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    I'll send a message on Twitter.
  9. KAustin

    VA Tax Incentive?

    It's being considered now. The governor has a task force and they are supposed to provide their feedback in November.
  10. KAustin

    Delivery Date Moved to Q1 2021

    Did you already have a reservation number prior to last week?
  11. KAustin

    VA Tax Incentive?

    You can find some additional information here. Not the best site as there is some older information, but their twitter feed is seemingly up to date.
  12. KAustin

    VA Tax Incentive?

    Unfortunately, no. With the special tag you can use the HOV lanes, but there are some restrictions on that. Legislature is supposed to make a decision on November for implementation by December 2021.
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    Order conversion

    Sorry to hear that... You're not obligated to buy it until you official purchase it when it arrives. I won't impact the vehicle being built.
  14. KAustin

    Is this the first 'confirmed' submitted order?

    Where did the available incentives come from?
  15. KAustin

    Tech spec adjustments

    One of the problems in determining differences is that Ford has listed whatever spec is the best. This one's range, that one's hp, another's charging, etc. Doesn't make it easy.
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    I am happy with my choice!
  17. KAustin

    Update on Mach-E Production Progress in Cuautitlan Plant

    @ChasingCoral Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!
  18. KAustin

    Orders with No ADM

    Now you know you can't trust them. Find another dealer. If they lied about something so easily verifiable, what else will they tell you that isn't true.