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  1. My Shadow Black Mach-E on 20" wheels

    20X8.5 Shift Pistons custom bolt pattern 5x108 was made as they do not make that bolt pattern. 245/45/20 Nitto 555 G2s
  2. My Shadow Black Mach-E on 20" wheels

    i gave it a week 😆
  3. Question about my 240V outlet

    awesome guys. thanks so much for the responses. i thought i would be ok with this but guess not. I charge at work most of the time, was just seeing if i can charge every now and then at my parents house...
  4. Question about my 240V outlet

  5. Route 1 at Future Ford Concord

    they add ADMs on their Mach Es unfortunately.
  6. Adopted Infinite Blue

    i think i inquired about yours. its on their website shown as "in transit" but they let me know its reserved. let me know if you back out lol
  7. Adopted Infinite Blue

    nice. i saw that same one just last week. I decided to order a black on black ER AWD on order with WC Ford.
  8. Mach E GT incentives?

    currently have an order for a ER AWD and am seriously considering dropping the extra 5k for the GT. Does anyone know if Ford will offer the same incentives for the GT? $2500 Ford Options incentive @2.25% X Plan Driver assistance $100 I Know it would qualify for the 7.5k tax credit & the CA...
  9. Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    How was your range affected @TTopper
  10. You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    looks great. can you tell us how bad the range was hurt by adding the 20s?
  11. is there a wheel fitment difference on RWD & AWD MMEs?

    Hello all I've seen a few post stating that there may be a fitment difference on RWD & AWDs? Im looking at 20s and would hate to buy something that won't work.. can anyone chime in on this?
  12. Found Mach E with aftermarket wheels on IG

    Was browsing IG for Mach E #tags and found this one. I got a reply back from Barkleytireandservices and was given the following information. "The wheels are 20x9 +35 fit with 265/40/20" Wheels are Curva Concepts C48s. thought this would be useful as there are not many aftermarket wheel threads...