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  1. sjaj14

    Mustang Mach E has major powertrain issues. Dealership/service offering no help. Things to consider before buying this car

    This is 100% correct. My sales rep called the day mine arrived and offered for us to come in and take a ride after the car went through their delivery checklist. Have had the car for 2 months now and the dealership proactively followed up 3 times in the first week to check on how we liked the...
  2. sjaj14

    Sandy Munro Mach-E: E3 - Hoist Review - Front Suspension

    This was an awesome video, he was like a kid in a candy store. Best line, "we may buy this one and tear it apart"! Lol.
  3. sjaj14

    Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    Infinite Blue MME for sale here. Only 2k miles...and only 30% over MSRP 😅😉
  4. sjaj14

    You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    Her clean MME, my filthy F250 (too much off road, lol)
  5. sjaj14

    It's finally here but surprise ADM nonsense [Update - see post 68]

    Every time I see this crap it just burns my a$$. I've had my Mach E for little over 2 weeks now. Never had issue one with my dealership. Placed my reservation, then the order, received confirmation of dealer price (same as msrp), lots of good communication with dealer, car came in, purchased...
  6. sjaj14

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh
  7. sjaj14

    Delivery and an interesting email

    More fun.... here's the plate my wife picked out. It's pretty much her car, a belated 60th b-day and Christmas gift (she's a Christmas baby!), she had no idea I bought it.
  8. sjaj14

    Delivery and an interesting email

    Thanks! Knew it was likely out there...lot of good info here!
  9. sjaj14

    Delivery and an interesting email

    First, took delivery of the new family member, Myst-E on Monday...we have put about 100 miles on her with no issues! We love the car!! Timing worked out well as I am just putting the finishing touches on my 22 x 42 climate controlled man cave, or garage as my wife puts it. Put all the wiring...
  10. sjaj14

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    All of this seems so random. I had the exact same dates as you for build, ship and delivery window. It was in KC for about 10 days. It showed dispatched last Sunday and showed up at my dealership on Wednesday the 24th. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
  11. sjaj14

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    I would think this should be the least of what they offer considering the major surgery Marlin is going through!!
  12. sjaj14

    My turn!

    Wow, just read your linked post...too weird, that is exactly how we came to our name. We've been on several cruises and the color reminded us of the ocean and Misty just came out of it...except we have now officially renamed her Myst-E, lol
  13. sjaj14

    My turn!

    Yeah, that was a bit generic, the delivery time frame was March 2-9 with the ninth being the estimated not to exceed. After it shipped, the original not to exceed was 9 Feb...that didn't hold for long. 😅
  14. sjaj14

    My turn!

    Build date 1/8, ship date 1/25, we're in the metro Detroit area
  15. sjaj14

    My turn!

    Convinced me...Mist-E it is!!!! Well done!
  16. sjaj14

    My turn!

    We did the same at our dealership, the had theirs a couple weeks ago, so we took a little test drive. Once ours showed dispatched on palsapp, truck pulled into the dealership three days later, so your right there! Lightning as in Lightning McQueen? Lol
  17. sjaj14

    My turn!

    Oh, forgot to introduce her...this is Misty. Lol. 😆
  18. sjaj14

    Ford Options questions

    It's a balloon loan, cheaper payments, pay balloon off at the end, turn it in or get another vehicle
  19. sjaj14

    My turn!

    My dealer (Salesman)has been really good at communication, email and phone, I received an email this afternoon, no subject, just an attachment. Thought it was a mistake till I opened the a follow up call a short time later, he called it a surprise email picture, lol. Vehicle...
  20. sjaj14

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    I can't tell you how much I'm really pulling for you and Marlin Mark, you're little Marlin adventures would have worn down most by now. Your neutral and factual posts are exceptionally written and provide a real good synopsis of everything going on. It's a shame something like this happened...