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  1. PSaulet

    Commande Europe

    Order in fall 2020 it seems according to the site of Ford France ...
  2. PSaulet

    French Orders - exchanges on the evolution of this one

    Some changes on the site, moreover the price indicated is specified as maximum. Difficult for a seller to charge more ...
  3. PSaulet

    Interview with Bill Ford says Mach-E U.S. orders start June 24

    Do you not think that all the expected information will come into effect from June 22 with a period of reflection and withdrawal before final and complete validation? Personally this is how I understand it. After this deadline and a few possible days of difference between the USA and Europe, I...
  4. PSaulet

    POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    Except to ship some development models (80 of memory) ... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  5. PSaulet

    Ayrton78 from France

    Small presentation as desired, Pascal alias Ayrton78, 50, amateur of motorsport, equestrian and canine. Amateur practitioner on track in Caterham of which I have 3. From France, reside in the Yvelines a small village adjoining the Rambouillet forest. Married, father of 3 children. Looking forward.
  6. PSaulet

    Exonération de TVA

    Europe in its administrative heaviness has not confirmed anything for the moment and I am starting to think that if the car recovery finally takes place without this plan, our representatives will abandon this idea, the governments of each member country having a cruel need of finance ... Let’s...
  7. PSaulet

    French-style recovery plan !!!!

    In any case, the MME did not go into the plan, remains to be seen what Europe will propose, if there is a proposal, for the moment it is status quo ... What did not interfere with my choice to buy an EV was a plus.
  8. PSaulet

    POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    Color modification, gray change ... I would have liked the new orange, but not in the catalog except GT and my dear and tender does not seem fan. Now the delays for Europe are so long that this fabulous orange can be integrated into the whole range and that the dilemma will arise .... 😂 😂 😂
  9. PSaulet

    Update on Mach-E Production Progress in Cuautitlan Plant

    How many units per day / month will be produced ? I believe this has already been specified but I cannot find it anymore... ;)
  10. PSaulet

    Scrappage scheme UK

    2003 / 2006 for France
  11. PSaulet

    Scene From Mach-E Chief Engineer's Driveway

    Same wait in France, limits the impression that Ron is driving with my vehicle 😂 😂 😂
  12. PSaulet

    Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Do you buy an EV to break records? Personally it is not the criterion that motivates me, more a new philosophy of the automobile. ;) ;) ;)
  13. PSaulet

    Update on Mach-E Production Progress in Cuautitlan Plant

    Can someone inform me of the lead time for a vehicle on the production line?
  14. PSaulet

    Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Attention let's be clear, I do not criticize those who bought Tesla and especially not Tesla for taking the risk of investing massively in EV, we must congratulate them for having been pioneers and for having moved the lines, opening other perspectives to more traditionalist manufacturers. I...
  15. PSaulet

    Dyson, the aborted competitor

    In French but the video is in English, new images of the aborted VE Dyson ..... Dyson
  16. PSaulet

    Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Nothing to do, I can not resign myself to buy Tesla ...
  17. PSaulet

    Mach e vs. I-Pace

    What is the towing capacity of the IPace?
  18. PSaulet

    Ford partners with Vw in Europe for EV

    News relayed by a French site, Ford and Vw joint force for EV in Europe