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  1. Eraser

    Workaround for the Tone Setting Bug

    Worked flawlessly, great find. That has been a major pain in the ass for quite a while. Thanks for the post 👍🏾
  2. Eraser

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    Call me spoiled, but as a long time fan of Blizzard they some some of the best and detailed patch notes I've ever seen. I'm not asking for this level of detail, at least a high level outline of what was changed, regardless of how small would go a long way. Here is an example of Blizzard patch...
  3. Eraser

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    Agreed, this is 2021, there really isn't an excuse for this. I wish they had a Mach-E owner feedback form, accessible only to actual owners. They would get so many great ideas and feedback. What better way is there to improve your product then getting feedback from enthusiasts 🤔.
  4. Eraser

    Workaround for the Tone Setting Bug

    In essence it sounds like this would simply change the default tone settings to match your profile. Although the issue still exists, it would at least have the desired effect of loading the correct tone settings. Good idea, I'll give this a try and will report back.
  5. Eraser

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    Update received this morning as well. I'd be happy if there is at least 1 noticeable bug that was fixed. I have to toggle my profile every single time I get in the car just to get my audio settings to use my actual settings instead of the default. I would be pumped if that was fixed since I...
  6. Eraser

    Phone as Key - One week Trial leaving FOB at home

    I was thinking the same thing. My garage is attached and I'm in a two story house. FordPass (Pixel 5) is usually connected to my car at all times, or it drops and reconnects. 9 of 10 times when I do have a problem with PaaK its when I'm at home leaving in the morning for work. When I'm out...
  7. Eraser

    California Clean Air Vehicle Decal

    There is no way in hell I'm putting those janky stickers on my MME. I plan to keep the stickers and the ID they provide in my glove box. I figure as long as I'm not speeding (unlikely) I shouldn't have a problem. It's a calculated risk I'm willing to take to keep my MME looking like HOT FIRE...
  8. Eraser

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    I think Tesla's long term plan was to roll their own charging network and proprietary connector in the hopes of getting other manufactures to license the technology from them. Not a bad plan from a business perspective. Apple has made billions on proprietary connectors and dongles for their...
  9. Eraser

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    @Mach-E VLOG @Liv I watch your videos specifically because you're not professional car reviewers. I like to get professionals options as well, but I feel like some of their views can be a bit too critical for the everyday person. Non-professionals bring a more down to earth review without all...
  10. Eraser

    L2 charge rate experience?

    I have a ChargePoint Home and used that to calculate everything. For example it took about 4h 40m (4.67 hours) to provide 43.43 kWh. That translates to 9.3 kWh added per hour. You can use your trip data from the car to get a rough idea of how many miles per kWh you get. In my case I'm...
  11. Eraser

    Gasoline Shortage Summer 2021

    The cable companies basically pivoted to becoming ISPs (dumb pipes) since people are moving away from cable services. If the oil companies were smart they would have hedged their bets and cornered the market on the batteries. Then they could milk the system from both ends. I don't think...
  12. Eraser

    Gasoline Shortage Summer 2021

    I think the biggest problem getting people to convert to EV's is the initial cost of the vehicle as compared to ICE vehicle equivalent. Generally speaking people need to see upfront savings, long term savings is a harder sell to the average consumer. I'm speaking anecdotally here, but...
  13. Eraser

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    Maybe they are stock holders and have some personal vested interest in Tesla's performance, I doubt it but at least that might explain things a bit. I know one thing for sure, if the MME didn't have anything going for it Tesla fanboys wouldn't pay any attention to it at all. Their sometimes...
  14. Eraser

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    You kicked the hornets nest, the Tesla fanboys are swarming! On a side note, it is good to know that even the Tesla audience is paying attention to the MME, although they would never admit it ;).
  15. Eraser

    Avoid Plug and Charge... for now

    Tried to use P&C for the first time today. Both attempts failed with a "Charge Station Fault", not too surprising based on others feedback. Next time I'll to go through the FP app see if that makes a difference. Assuming it does work, I'd hardly consider that "Plug & Charge". First world...
  16. Eraser

    Mach-E Owners Review a Tesla Model Y

    Great wright up of the pros and cons. I'll be sure to check out your YouTube video as well. There is a Tesla dealership less than I mile from work. I never once even looked at a Tesla because of their completely closed off ecosystem, questionable build quality, and over reliance of software...
  17. Eraser

    Safety Flaws with CoPilot 360?

    That sounds exactly like an Apple fanboy ;). I have a long time friend that is exactly the same with Apple. Over the years I learned to save myself the headache and just avoid discussions around anything Apple. Thank goodness they don't make cars.
  18. Eraser

    FordPass 3.21.0 Released

    I haven't noticed any difference since the update. I haven't had much reason to go into the app as of late, and due to the sluggish performance and bugs I try to avoid opening the app at all. Does anyone else find it strange that in both the Play Store and the App Store the app is rated 4+...
  19. Eraser

    Don't Park So Close To Me!

    I find that the harder I try to avoid people in parking lots the more I stick out like a sore thumb. When you're noticed positive and negative attention can find you easily. My strategy is park next to or between 2 other nice cars and try and blend in, steer clear of the beaters. I took that...