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  1. exact33

    Another Mach-E Crash Report and Repair Cost Estimate

    Glad everyone is ok but I am really glad I went with shadow black. First grabber blue and now white are in accident's.
  2. exact33

    Who else is mad about gas?

    I am not going to laugh at folks. I do hope this drives more ev adoption
  3. exact33

    Received New Early Access Program Invite

    Same here! We should start a forum for those of us not deemed worthy:cool:
  4. exact33

    Who else is mad about gas?

    I am near the eastern shore of Maryland and gas has ticked up to $2.99. No lines yet though. I hope this holds out til I get gas for my mower
  5. exact33

    TheStraightPipes Mustang Mach-E First Edition Review

    Agreed but most of the press is about trips infrastructure when I think adoption would increase if local availability was better.
  6. exact33

    Charging with Ford Wall Unit is so LOUD!

    My juice box 40 is silent too
  7. exact33

    What is this message -

    I keep getting a daycare message even though my kids are teens. Thanks for the tip on intelligent suggestions. That puppy is so being turned off
  8. exact33

    TheStraightPipes Mustang Mach-E First Edition Review

    I would agree to an extent but I have found charging at home seems to cover ~95% of my needs. I read an interesting article about charging infrastructure that maybe a better solution instead of chargers along different roads is subsidizing installation of chargers at places of employment.
  9. exact33

    Test drive thoughts...

    My dealer let us take the demo out for whatever time we needed. When my actual model came in the dealer was not set up for ford options so they let me 'rent' the vehicle until they were ready, which was 4 days later.
  10. exact33

    Question for the married fellas....

    Too bad yours isn't grabber blue. It would be due for an accident not too shortly after receipt. She would have the only working model!
  11. exact33

    Display mismatch (light vs dark)

    I had this happen once but I turned the vehicle off and back on and everything was good. Has not happened since.
  12. exact33

    Charging port door - flimsy or solid?

    The door feels pretty flimsy. I have to remind myself not to push too hard
  13. exact33

    Should I Buy This Used Mach-E?

    Yep! I have enjoyed mine a lot! Just get a home charger if you don't have one
  14. exact33

    True cost to "fill up"? Has anyone computed it for themselves?

    My rate .12 and going from 20to full costs about $8. I'll take it!
  15. exact33

    How long to get that predicted 270 mile range?

    It's been almost a month and my charge is just now getting into the mid 200's for the standard range
  16. exact33

    1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas

    Same here. I don't think I would keep a bev if I could only use the 110 outlet though.
  17. exact33

    Floor Mats that come with Mach-E

    $42 for fed ex. They are big packages. After having them for awhile I am really happy to have them. So much dirt on them instead of the carpet :cool:
  18. exact33

    Hello from Delaware

    I believe I saw a dcfc in Smyrna.
  19. exact33

    Hello from Delaware

    Not yet. I was looking to see if there's an electric vehicle club around but I have not seen anything yet.