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  1. Thopter

    Mint Chip Mach-E

    Very Miami Vice. I think I’d call it ’Crockett’.
  2. Thopter

    Anyone interested in track day at Willow Springs?

    “That’ll buff right out” another old saying;)
  3. Thopter

    Anyone interested in track day at Willow Springs?

    I’d vote Streets too. Big Willow = big offs, especially for novices. Dunno if I would drag a GTP across the country, but if there was a way to rent-a-ride, I might be able to find a way to ‘share the fear’.
  4. Thopter

    My Modified Mach-E with 22" wheels and 265/30/22 tires

    Low profile tires stiffer sidewall keeps more rubber on the road = better handling. The cost is a harsher ride. Rotating mass at the wheels is a prime area for weight reduction. That’s how you end up with carbon fiber rims that cost around $5,000 EACH! just to save 2 lbs.
  5. Thopter

    First Mach-E GT Performance Edition ridealong review video

    Looks pretty composed to me, on what is known to be a fairly technical bit of tarmac. Considering the way Ford is pitching the GTP, I’m betting there’s going to be a trip to the Utah Motorsports Campus in my not too distant future.
  6. Thopter

    Mach-E reviews by Sandy Munro the teardown King - "Ford Can Be Proud Of This"

    I’ve got no problems with people who can offer valid criticisms of Mr Munro’s engineering assessments or have questions about how he arrived at his conclusions. But attacking him because he fumbled for a latch? That’s a shitty look that says more about what sort of person you are than it does...
  7. Thopter

    GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    GTP res #0103. Sans hard news on GTP performance am still undecided. Considering near $30K price delta, new Golf R is very compelling.
  8. Thopter

    Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    If I remember correctly, Bethania Garage used to offer a free Hard Dog bar replacement if you ever rolled your Miata. Glad everyone is ok. A car is just a thing.
  9. Thopter

    Storm drive

    I did a couple of winters in a Miata w Michelin X ice’s. Fun as hell, as long as the snow wasn’t so deep as to turn it into a plow.
  10. Thopter

    Top Gear & Teslarati: Mach-E vs Model Y

    Yeah, I’m gonna give a little more credence to the opinion of a professional auto journalist who will drive more cars this year than you’ll drive in a lifetime. The psycholgy of people needing to publicly justify a purchase is always fascinating.
  11. Thopter

    Former Tesla Owner Possibly Abandoning My Reservation

    Me too. I‘m really hoping there’s more info on the GTP before the order banks open next month. An M3 massaged by Unplugged Performance is very tempting. The new Golf R even more so.
  12. Thopter

    How to drive a Mach E in suburban city traffic

    When I did my test drive last week the sales bro tossed me the keys and said have fun. I got about a 45 minute drive in, set it to unbridled and flogged it as hard as was reasonable, considering, and when I was done I was amazed to see I had only used 1% of the available charge. OPD was so...
  13. Thopter

    Customer Complains of Mach-E ADM on Twitter, Ford's Mike Levine Has ADM Removed

    I brought this up when I test drove an E4x today. My sales dude, and a few others that were listening to my opinions on the car, were horrified. No ADM on Mach E’s! At least 3 of them, and the receptionist too. Sounded like it had been drilled into them. Good on mgmnt. Think I helped a sales...
  14. Thopter

    Real condition winter test Mach-E vs Tesla vs Audi E-Tron

    Well, it is pretty much job one.
  15. Thopter

    Happy and Angry

    My ‘16 RS was one of the early builds and had the head gasket recall. Took it into the dealer. 5 pages of repair notes that said things like ‘metal shavings in oil pan’ culminatined with an entry of ‘install new shortblock’! Had about 12,000 miles on it at the time. Took 3 weeks. On the plus...
  16. Thopter

    Anyone underwhelmed by B&O system...

    My favorite music is exhaust pop! It’s gonna be weird not having an engine to listen to. Might actually listen to the iPod filled with lossless I keep plugged in.
  17. Thopter

    First experience using Unbridled.

    If you think you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough!
  18. Thopter

    Difficult Test drive experience

    Eff Ford. Eff the GM. I’d be weaponizing Twitter and Facebook right now. The dealer would be opening up tomorrow morning with reporters at the doors.
  19. Thopter

    Difficult Test drive experience

    Did you take names? A VERY public shaming is in order.
  20. Thopter

    Some early Mach-E GT owners may get 2022 model according to new Ford email

    Not sure what this means, but the emails with the 2022 reference also have a call out for the April opening of the order banks. The other email blast does not.