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  1. GT, what happened to late summer?

    I know you didn't state this but rare =/= value. If there are going to be a small quantity of 2021 GT/PE, I'd rather be in the 2022 bunch.
  2. Hello from New Orleans

    God bless you for getting out alive, sir! (Born in NOLA, raised in Metry)
  3. GT, what happened to late summer?

    I have a GTPE on order and I would much rather Ford take their time and get it right than be in a hurry to meet a "late summer" target. I put in my order on 4/27 and don't expect to see the vehicle until at least October. That is A-OK with me!
  4. GT ordering poll

    Magneride is black magic sorcery. My dad has it in his Corvette C8 and that car is fantastic to drive. The touring mode is super soft and luxurious while the sport and track modes get quite aggressive and stiff. The suspension in my 2011 GT500 was modified a good bit (lowered and stiffened)...
  5. GT ordering poll

    GT has body color wheel arches, not black. That isn't a GT.
  6. Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition Open for Orders April 28! $59,900 and $64,900 MSRP Pricing

    Got a text from my salesman. My order has been accepted by the dealer (confirmed by Ford website). Now the waiting game begins! ETA my build sheet from the dealer. Anybody know what any of the codes mean?
  7. GT ordering poll

    Got mine in to the dealer today. GTPE, 360, Pano, and floormats. Had to let the wife pick the color and she went with Dark Matter Gray Metallic.