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  1. JWW

    Drag strip and 1/4 mile times

    I've had my FE for a couple months (3,800 miles) and have yet to lose a 0 - the speed limit bout yet
  2. JWW

    Time to reserve the F-150 Lighting EV?

    While at the #NationalMustangDay I spoke with Darren Palmer and we were talking about the Mach-e acceleration - he told me he had just driven an F-150 electric and he said that it was faster than the Mach-e!!
  3. JWW

    Time to reserve the F-150 Lighting EV?

    I received this e-mail today Anyone thinking about reserving? Added by administrator: if you are, be sure to visit the sister F-150 Lightning EV site @ THE F‑150 IS ABOUT TO GO ELECTRIC...
  4. JWW

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Wow, this is so much better than a block of wood and super glue! :p I am definitely interested in the 3D model - I don't have a printer but I will find someone who does and can print in TPU (whatever that is). Hey I'm a bean counter not an engineer. And a video would be fantastic. Thanks!
  5. JWW

    Happy National Mustang Day - April 17th

    It was good to meet in person @TheVirtualTim and @jdmrc93 - we had a beautiful day for a rally. I was fortunate to have arrived early and when I pulled in the lot someone at Ford had some cones moved and I was directed to park with the Ford company cars along with a white Mach-e that came in...
  6. JWW

    Attention From Gawkers?

    Yep, lots of thumbs up, especially from other Mustangs. For me the test will be next Tuesday, it is the first "in person" meeting of the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan.
  7. JWW

    Here is my first mod on day 4.

    It's a Mustang - I had to drop a big V8 under the bonnet
  8. JWW

    Dent on fender from the charging door?

    Anyone find a dent on their fender from the charging door? The hinge on the charging door is plastic and an inadvertent bump will place a nice little ding on the aluminum fender. Seems like Ford could have used a stronger material to avoid the possibility of self imposed door dings.
  9. JWW

    How to - remove front license plate bracket

    So when is your new GT front end supposed to arrive?
  10. JWW

    How to - remove front license plate bracket

    I agree, when I ordered mine I told the salesman I did not want the front license plate bracket. He deleted the no charge item and commented that if it isn't in the car it won't be installed by his guys. Mine arrived with a clean front end. Now we know it is a factory installed item so if you...
  11. JWW

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Received the below e-mail from Ford this morning - anyone else? Hi JOHN, Thank you for putting your trust in Ford Motor Company and for taking the first step toward an electrified future, with the order of your Mustang Mach-E. We are all so excited to have you as a customer and believe you...
  12. JWW

    How to Enable Plug & Charge in 7 Steps

    I thought that we received 250Kw of charging, why would I care if I got the lower in network price until I exceeded the 250Kw. Or did we really get some dollar amount the kind of equates to 250Kw?
  13. JWW

    JWW Test drive

    My salesman called yesterday afternoon and told me that their service car came in, and if I wanted to test drive it I could come down. It was Thursday so the dealer is open later and I jumped at the offer. After I hung up, I tried to go back to work but couldn't so I left early (sorry boss)...
  14. JWW

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I agree a non work-truck driving person designed it. Actually didn't X AE A-12 designed the truck?
  15. JWW

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Did you really have to ask?
  16. JWW

    Are All MMEs Being Sent to Speedway?

    The one I am tracking was actually delivered to the rail yard and had the delivery receipt as a PDF - the receipt listed a total of 9 cars (one truck full?). Using the tracker and the VINs on the receipt, some had end of March ETA dates (cars on hold?). But none of the others were MI bound...
  17. JWW

    Are All MMEs Being Sent to Speedway?

    I have been tracking my Mach-drop in Cuautitlan, going nowhere. But I have also been tracking the other Mach-e's that my dealer has on order (got the VINs from the dealers website prior to being pulled because they were customer cars). After spending time at the Speedway corral - one car is...
  18. JWW

    Anybody else getting "the look"?

    Jonathan You can turn it around on your co-worker/ friend and use the attached Zoom interior shots from FORD®. Thanks to @hybrid2bev for the original post. Plus, you could have a different ride each day of the week. Of the Mach-e selections one is a picture, the other is video with passing...
  19. JWW

    Ford's tax credit availability

    The IRS has made it official? I noticed that the IRS has added a few new EV's that qualify for the IRC 30D plug in credit. 2021 Mustang Mach-E First Edition Premium AWD $7,500 2021 Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 $7,500 2021 Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD $7,500 2021 Mustang Mach-E...
  20. JWW

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Since this is Mach Drop build week, I stopped by my dealer this morning to see if I could pry any new information - last I heard was before Thanksgiving and I was given my VIN and a build week of 1/4/21. I found my salesman and after pleasantries he told me that he was excited about my Mach-e...