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  1. Set to charge to 90% but charging all the way to 100%

    I am not sure it is 20% buffer. The extended range have 88 Kwh usable but it is a 99 KWH battery. They have slightly over a 10% buffer.
  2. Child car seats

    I will try to get a picture with my car seat in my car tomorrow but my daughter is in a rear facing infant car seat (chicco brand) behind the passenger seat. Now the seat is pulled up a little and the back is a little more upright than I prefer BUT I still can sit in the passenger seat and be...
  3. Who else is mad about gas?

    Well I hate filling of a car with gas. I have hated it for years. It is not about the carbon footprint or being clean. I just hate going to a gas stations and filling up my car. While owning my mach e reduces how often I have to put gas into a car it does not remove it. My wife has not filled...
  4. Gasoline-powered cars more reliable?

    Even then we could just get a generator to charge our cars. I was here in Texas during the snow storm this year. My house never lost power but I know people who did. They ran into a real problem of getting gas as well. They ran out of gas in their cars that they were using for warmth, charging...
  5. Time to reserve the F-150 Lighting EV?

    Well my guess is goign to be based on Riavian ranges. Their smallest pack is a 100, 2nd is the 135 and largest is 180. That gives between 250-400 miles of range unloaded depending on your pack size. Towing they said at make load expect a 50% reductions in range.
  6. GT, what happened to late summer?

    covid happen which push everything back a few months. It all seems to be shoved back about 1 quarter from it.
  7. Wrong Battery Pack?

    I am going to tell you that you are stressing to much. It is a GOM and ford is super conservative in those numbers plus it is still learning. I have a ER AWD Premium. When I first got my car after a reset I was seeing numbers close to yours. At 90% I was seeing something like 210 miles when...
  8. Charging with Ford Wall Unit is so LOUD!

    Are you talking about the Mach E making the noise or the wall charger making the noise? It is very different here as the Mach E even on the ford mobile wall charger can and will kick on the full fans for cooling. Big time if you start charging after driving for a while on a hot day as the...
  9. Humming noise when AC is running

    for me I noticed some extra noise is from the front louvers opening up and then the cooling fans running. Mind you on an ICE car the radiator fan running is hard to noticed as the engine makes a lot more noise to cover it up. On an EV well there is no engine to cover up those little noises. On...
  10. Does EXT and STD Range have the same motors?

    I do not think it would be that simple. Besiding the wiring is a little different the car will need to have other things change to handle increase weight of the larger battery. I
  11. Mach-E reviews by Sandy Munro the teardown King - "Ford Can Be Proud Of This"

    I just saw during ins Q and A today that he said they are going to be buying a Mach E to do a full tear down of it and over all seems hell of impressed.
  12. Sandy Munro Mach-E: E3 - Hoist Review - Front Suspension

    I saw his stuff on VW and Ford did not do what VW did. That is this is a new platform so instead of trying to make older stuff work they took the chance to make a good starting point for a good base platform to build off of. VW on the other hand just forced in a lot of older legacy stuff and...
  13. Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    I wonder if they were having some massive problems with those 2 paint colors at the factory or what they need to make the colors are in very short supply.
  14. Risks when charging during a lightning storm?

    chances are the same damage to things like tesla are going to happen to a car like the mach E. If lightly hits the wrong spot directly it will cause some major damage now the odds of it happening are fairly low. Take for example a surge protector you buy that all have the XYZ protection if your...
  15. Can anyone recommend a Tesla to Mach-E adapter for Tesla destination chargers?

    The Mach E can pull down 50 amps. Mach sure what ever adapter you get can handle at least 50 amps. TeslaTap makes some good ones just make sure you get one t hat is rated for 50+ amps
  16. Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition Open for Orders April 28! $59,900 and $64,900 MSRP Pricing

    As someone who driven a car with summer tires on it in cold weather and more importantly some snow and ice. There is an entire new level of uncomfortable on those tires in those conditions compared to all seasons. The car will just slide around compared to an all season tire car that can...
  17. Bike Rack Solution?

    LOL 1up rack is exactly what I want to put on to it. 1 up use does make an adaptor that expands there 1-1/4 rack to fit in a 2in slot. I have mine in the garage somewhere but I lost the bolt for it years ago as I did not need it. Link to the part you need. 18 bucks...
  18. Bike Rack Solution?

    man I hope they make one for the mach e. I have a hitch bike rack that I love but I need a hitch that I can just hide away when not in use
  19. Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    You missed another huge advantage on using a plug. When you sell the house the EVSE is not consider a "fixture" and can easily be taken with you. Technically speaking the mounting bracket is consider a fixture and you are supposed to leave it a lot like tv wall mounts are supposed to be left...
  20. Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    I personally had a Nema 14-50 installed with the wiring with a large enough gage to up it to a 60 amp breaker later. My home charger is a Grizzl-e. My reasoning for the wiring is that is the most expensive part. My home power supply could not support me putting an 80 amp breaker with out a...