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  1. PrimeFuture

    Received New Early Access Program Invite

    I got the invite this morning too and signed up. I've definitely got thoughts on how to improve the Mach-E so glad to be a part of it.
  2. PrimeFuture


    Natural shine. I'm likely to add a ceramic coating though, as I noticed a few small chips on the hood paint already :-/
  3. PrimeFuture


    Washed mine this weekend for the first time since buying it (it kept raining the days I wanted to wash it) and fell in love again with how the Infinite Blue looks on this car.. Not that I ever fell out of love, but man oh man does this car shine when it's clean.
  4. PrimeFuture

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Just replying for when you post the 3D model. Will need to find someone to print this for me though.
  5. PrimeFuture

    Any Texas owners read this and think what about us?

    I'd definitely appreciate an extra $2,500 rebate. Let's see if Mike says anything, though I'm not confident.
  6. PrimeFuture

    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    Could you post a photo straight from behind? I'm curious to see how the wider tires look.
  7. PrimeFuture

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    Well you're no fun.
  8. PrimeFuture

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    Just checked, and my account is now at 443 kWh, so the extra 250 kWh arrived! I wonder if your thread prompted Ford to send it to everyone.
  9. PrimeFuture

    Anyone found a front window sunshade?

    Please post in here once you hear back from, because I'm not interested in paying $10.99 for shipping on something that's incredibly light.
  10. PrimeFuture

    Wireless CarPlay and the "hot" phone

    Buy a OnePlus phone that doesn't have wireless charging. :D
  11. PrimeFuture

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    I would love if the Mach-E had a simple toggle on the steering wheel, or an auto mechanism like the ID4, to pop into Unbridled mode when I suddenly need max power.
  12. PrimeFuture

    Any taken delivery yet?

    My other car, a 2013 Ford Focus has a real blue, which I love. For the Mach-E though, I like the more metallic subtle blue. This is a more grown up car, and it makes it looks a lot fancier than a louder or more straight blue would be.
  13. PrimeFuture

    Rivian Announces Proprietary Charging Network (plus public charging)

    So Rivian touts their chargers are all powered by renewable energy, ostensibly to show their commitment to protecting the environment. But then they're installing chargers that only work for their cars, because nothing says environmentally concsious like having 3 or more different chargers next...
  14. PrimeFuture

    Any taken delivery yet?

    I picked up mine last Saturday from Tommie Vaughn in Houston. Loving it so far!
  15. PrimeFuture

    What does this icon mean when using cruise control?

    Yeah, it more just keeps the car relatively centered in the lane and slows down if you start approaching another car. I personally don't like the centering tech right now as it's very shaky, lot of left/right adjustments, so it's not smooth like with a Tesla. I know Ford says they'll be updating...
  16. PrimeFuture

    Other Houston people?

    Picked up my Mach-E (name pending) yesterday and am in LOVE with this car. No major complaints at all, just minor things that could make the car more perfect. Definitely had issues at Tommie Vaughn not being aware of Ford Options. I had to push them hard and thanks to the forums I had all the...
  17. PrimeFuture

    Other Houston people?

    That's exciting! I'm so pumped to get this car. I too need to still figure out a name, but my wife and I agree you can't name a car until you get it.
  18. PrimeFuture

    Other Houston people?

    I just got an email from Ford pushing my delivery date back to 3/12 - 3/18. Then got a second email saying I'm getting an extra 250 kWh of free charging.
  19. PrimeFuture

    Other Houston people?

    I just texted Jason, the salesguy I've been talking to, and he said they were waiting until they got insurance on the car. So I guess they have it now. What's your delivery date by the way? Mine is 2/22 - 2/28, so I'm eagerly awaiting my Mach-E!
  20. PrimeFuture

    Other Houston people?

    God damn it! I looked at it the first day they got it and they said Ford wasn't allowing test drives. I guess they are now... Good to know!