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  1. Bumper plugs (license plate holes)

    FREE- you can leave your license plates on that’s free :) $60 plus - you can buy a can of spray paint and a can clear cost for $50 and $5 for the caps $75 - Pay for bumper plugs at a reputable website $12 - My offer above = given the other options, I like to believe it’s the most affordable...
  2. Bumper plugs (license plate holes)

    Just wanted to offer a affordable solution for this issue! For those who remove their front license plates and prefer not to spend $40+? Here’s me solution: $12 shipped includes 3-plugs with the following colors: -Infiniti Blue -Grabber Blue -Carbonized Grey -Rapid Red Metallic -Space White...
  3. Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Thanks for sharing as well! I hope to have my first batch printed by end of this coming week. Here’s the first attempt: Wanted to demonstrate the flexibility:
  4. California Mach E Route1 Tires

    Anytime interested in 225/60/18 original tires within less than 200 miles? Located in San Diego! I have the original Route 1 rims as well; can include or separate deals. AND tires I am asking $50 per tire! **Price do not include rims**
  5. My Modified Mach-E with 22" wheels and 265/30/22 tires

    Did someone forget to trim the bottom of the vinyl front wrap? Are they suppose to extend that far?
  6. First MMEs arrive in San Diego

    Nice! Hoping the Infiniti blue route 1 changes my mind. The red FE was an absolute no, way too much red. I have yet to see the red premium... Wonder if the Escondido is a AWD EXT...
  7. First MMEs arrive in San Diego

    Slightly underwhelmed after seeing it in person.
  8. First MMEs arrive in San Diego

    May consider opting not to purse my Route 1 @ Encinitas Ford which is expected to arrive in March ‘21; will post back if that is the case
  9. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    I like both! If it wasn’t for the $7500...