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  1. DanCoon

    Charging Cooler

    I was in the middle of charging and putting my license plate holder back on the front of my car and witnessed the front grill open up. Just something neat I noticed in case anyone wants to know. Occurred about 10 minutes into a charge. If you put your hand in front of it you can feel a pretty...
  2. DanCoon

    California Clean Air Vehicle Decal

    This is what I found with a quick search...
  3. DanCoon

    California Clean Air Vehicle Decal

    I too sent in my form over a month ago without any word from the DMV. I have since contacted my state representative for assistance. My wife had to do the same for her license renewal which was approaching 9 months without any word from the DMV. His staff was able to get it pushed through and...
  4. DanCoon

    Panoramic roof is not IRR.

    Thanks. I didn't know this. I will check mine when I get it back from the shop later today. Looks like the windshield is at 70% of the light and the pano roof is at 6% transparency, maybe that's why it doesn't have the IRR coating, because its being reflected by whatever is in the laminate?
  5. DanCoon

    Any Benefit for tinting panoramic roof.

    I'm planning a road trip next week through Nevada, so I plan to post a review on the performance of the tint and ceramic coating I just had applied to it as well. I literally drove the thing straight from the tint shop to the custom shop for the Ceramic Pro.
  6. DanCoon

    Any Benefit for tinting panoramic roof.

    I just put Llumar Stratos 70 on everything but the panoramic roof today. I haven't had a chance to do a test on it, but on the drive home the Stratos seemed to perform about the same as the factory coating on the roof, except that the Stratos is almost clear.
  7. DanCoon

    Fast Charging at Electrify America: Lessons learned

    I haven't had an issue DC charging on any brand, except for the one time I used EA. The session charged for about 20 minutes before some error stopped the charging session. Unfortunately I was already seated at a restaurant about a 10 minute walk away, so I just took the loss instead of...
  8. DanCoon

    Silly A/C Question

    Hello everyone. I have a silly question that I think I know the answer to.... but of course I wanted some confirmation and feedback. My grandpa and dad always taught me that I should turn off the A/C before turning off the car so that it doesn't put additional stress on the engine when you...
  9. DanCoon

    Accelerator Pedal Vibration

    I assume the noise and vibration my car makes when I turn it on in hot weather is the battery conditioning / cooling system, and or air conditioner. What's unexpected is that it seems a lot of that vibration is bleeding through the accelerator pedal. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. DanCoon

    Anyone interested in track day at Willow Springs?

    Sure, I'm in if you can plan it later this year.
  11. DanCoon

    Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    I have a 90 mile round trip commute each week day. I found that the charger that came with the vehicle plenty sufficient for my needs. I have it plugged into a 14-50 that an electrician put in. I only need to charge it every other day. If I so happen to need an extra few dozen miles, I just...
  12. DanCoon

    “reverse parking assist not available" error message

    Yeah I posted something similar to this, this weekend. It just started for me and isn't a dirty sensor thing either. Seems to be another bug like the previous post. It only happened to me once and all it required I do is go to back into the settings and reselect the parking aid function or...
  13. DanCoon

    Frunk Performance

    One word of caution. If you plan to leave the ice in the frunk until it melts, don't forget about it and park in the garage or you'll end up with a puddle to clean up.
  14. DanCoon

    Frunk Performance

    Just took this a few minutes ago. 9am and just a small amount left. Granted it was in the 50s last night.
  15. DanCoon

    Frunk Performance

    I know, right? I gotta get up super early in the morning... I'll post a photo if there is any ice left in there.
  16. DanCoon

    Frunk Performance

    After about 5 and a half hours this is what I have left. As you can see the beer is still cold. For reference, the three compartments with ice were filled to the top.
  17. DanCoon

    Frunk Performance

    I decided to go on a day trip today. 85 degree outside temperature. I filled the frunk with 40 pounds of ice and half of it is still there after 4 hours. Just for anyone that wants to know...
  18. DanCoon

    Blind Spot Information System Fault

    Thanks. I'll keep an eye on it. By the way, sensors are clean.
  19. DanCoon

    Blind Spot Information System Fault

    About an hour ago I turned on the Mach-E and got an amber indicator light that showed that the blind spot information system wasn't working. I also got an alert that said "Pedestrian Alert fault," or something like that... then "Blind Spot Information System Fault" I think it was... the message...
  20. DanCoon

    FordPass 3.20.0 released for Android (3.20.1 out with bug fixes on 04/20)

    Maybe it has to do with the FordPass Charging Network. I charged my car at my usual DC charging station this morning and noticed I didn't get get charged for it. Haha! No Kw deduction or receipt from Ford today either.