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  1. KennyCaphill

    FordPass App Version 3.22.0 is out

    I just updated, thank you for letting us know. The app also just let me know my MME got an OTA update as well. Anyone else get this?
  2. KennyCaphill

    Fordpass Plug and Charge

    Plug and Charge is a joke right now. Ran into a similar situation. The workaround, at least for me, is to find the EV Charging station you're near in FordPass and activate the station through there instead of using Plug and Charge. That seems to be the most reliable method I've been able to use.
  3. KennyCaphill

    Solved the Phone Charging issue

    Wow! That's pretty freaking brilliant!
  4. KennyCaphill

    Ford Mobile Charger - 1 Amber light 1 Blue Light

    When I saw that there was an issue, I unplugged the car and then unplugged the mobile charger from the 240v outlet. I plugged the charger back and then the car and the light immediately went back to pulsing blue. I don't know what kind of wiring was used in the outlet...electricity and I are...
  5. KennyCaphill

    Battery Charge Logs in FordPass Rendered Wrong & Incomplete

    I just went out to get lunch and my FordPass app indicated my MME was charged to 90% however when I got in the car, the car registered a charge of 95%! The FordPass app seems extremely....crappy.
  6. KennyCaphill

    Battery Charge Logs in FordPass Rendered Wrong & Incomplete

    I've been having very similar issues for the past month, pre and post last update of the App. Utterly unreliable. In one instance it told me I added over 300mi to my standard range MME!
  7. KennyCaphill

    Ford Mobile Charger - 1 Amber light 1 Blue Light

    I plugged my MME (standard range) last night at 7:51pm at 37%. I woke up this morning expecting it to be at 90% (as usual) but it was only at 74%. I went out to see what the issue was an the mobile charge had 1 Amber Light and 1 Blue light. In looking at the charger manual, it appears that...
  8. KennyCaphill

    FordPass 3.21.0 Released

    I'd love to download it but the freaking iTunes Store is down right now :(
  9. KennyCaphill

    Ford Pass Charging Logs really screwed up!

    Anyone else getting really odd charging results on your Ford Pass app. Sorry about the above pic, best I can do at the moment but it shows: Plugged in at Home -charge is set to 90% max though the app says 100% but the car is set at 90%. Total Charge Added - 20% (that's right) Est. Distanced...
  10. KennyCaphill

    Non-windshield mounted dash cam?

    Hmmm. Do you have any pictures of your installation because I'm curious as to how that screen fits over the front of the rear view mirror.
  11. KennyCaphill

    Non-windshield mounted dash cam?

    Does anyone have any good non-windshield mounted dash cams they've seen or have installed? I'm thinking the dash just behind the touchscreen would be a great place to put one that won't be seen. Thanks!
  12. KennyCaphill

    CarPlay and Climate/Other Controls?

    If you’ve got instructions on how to set some of those up, I’d appreciate it.
  13. KennyCaphill

    Odd figures in charge log

    Check the Charge Log under Vehicle->Manage EV The 2nd pic shows up when my MME is plugged in.
  14. KennyCaphill

    Ordered touch-up paint

    Dear lord!!! That leg picture is terrifying!
  15. KennyCaphill

    So, I’ve been working on my range anxiety...

    This picture is giving me anxiety!
  16. KennyCaphill

    Odd figures in charge log

    yeah, there has to be some bug or something. Here’s the log from last night’s charge. No miles added and my car started charging before I plugged it in?!
  17. KennyCaphill

    Odd figures in charge log

    it’s just the standard mobile charger which is why I thought it was odd.
  18. KennyCaphill

    Odd figures in charge log

    My Ford Pass has, for some reason, started letting me know when my car is charging. It didn't until this week. First pic is of a charge log from earlier this week 345 miles added? My MME is standard range. This pic is from this morning while still plugged in. Energy added is 73kwh? My...
  19. KennyCaphill

    Avoid Plug and Charge... for now

    i got a charge point to activate using the Ford app yesterday. No issue at all.
  20. KennyCaphill

    Mach-E Owners Registry & Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Had her for 2 weeks. Love it!