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  1. Red Battery Outline

    I opened up my FordPass today and the battery was outlined in red. Does anyone know what the app is trying to communicate?
  2. Warranty Start Date

    On March 8th I was able to find a Mach-E that was schedule to be delivered to a local dealership so I stopped in and placed $1,000 to secure the vehicle upon delivery. The Mach-E was delivered to the dealership on April 1st and I purchased it and brought it home on April 3rd. Earlier this week...
  3. MMEs available !

    I found my FE with no ADM by looking at Autotrader and then calling the dealership to see if it was available.
  4. Disable PaaK when at home?

    Still awaiting delivery of my Mach-E but this thread has me wondering if the car is parked in the driveway could a random person walk up and drive it away if I'm in a room near the car?
  5. Customer Complains of Mach-E ADM on Twitter, Ford's Mike Levine Has ADM Removed

    I was also looking at Fair Oaks but didn't want to pay the ADM. Eventually, I went to Packet Webb and put a deposit down on a Carbonized Gray FE at MSRP that is expected to be delivered next week. I've test driven a couple cars at Fair Oaks and never really liked the dealership.