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  1. OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    Got the first one. We need more details as to what exactly is fixed. And my stapler is Infinite Blue.
  2. USB songs on shuffle?

    yes, USB should have this as an option. Mine does and it works.
  3. OTA Update

    I got a notification in Ford Pass tonight that my car had an OTA update, but it was very vague about what was included (minor bug fixes, etc.). Does anyone have any release notes that show what each update includes? Is that info available on the Ford site? I couldn't find anything at all.
  4. Dealer Deposit Issue

    Unfortunately, I paid the extra deposit to get the car. The dealer isn't motivated to fix this now. A crappy review is their only motivation, but that ship will sail with 1 star. I think Ford is partly to blame here, but not to this extent.
  5. Dealer Deposit Issue

    Exact situation as me, except that I got a refund for $500 and the dealer deposit of $1,000 on the same day so my dealer couldn't use that argument. I think they hope that I am going away, but it has been over 2 weeks and my patience is now officially gone.
  6. Dealer Deposit Issue

    I did that over a week ago and they still can't(or won't) find it.
  7. Dealer Deposit Issue

    I'll get it back, but it sure is very frustrating. My dealer is the perfect example of why dealers need to be cut out of the process. Clueless and lazy.
  8. Dealer Deposit Issue

    The dealership was listed on the statement. I think they are just totally clueless about the whole online process and lazy to boot. I will dispute it if they don't get an answer soon.
  9. Dealer Deposit Issue

    My dealer claims that they never received the deposit that was charged on my credit card once I placed my order. I was definitely charged on my credit card, but the dealer claims they never received it. They are still researching it, but they are taking forever. Has anybody heard of this from...
  10. Massachusetts EV Rebate?

    It's now listed, but they are having system trouble recognizing the MME VIN codes. Tried today and got an error message. Called them and they responded that they expect this to be fixed mid week next week.
  11. Ford Pass App send directions to car

    Odd it certainly is. Never thought to do it that way since my trip was about 2 miles just to test the system.
  12. Ford Pass App send directions to car

    I hadn't tried that. It works just fine. Thanks.
  13. Ford Pass App send directions to car

    I tried to use the Map tab on the Ford Pass app so that I could send a location to my car, but I couldn't see anyway to do it. I thought that was a feature, maybe it's not. I also couldn't get the app to even show directions to the location. Has anybody got this to work?
  14. USB Album Cover Art

    yes, took the album art from the folder and embedded it into the ID3 tag with a tag editor. Took a while to do all the albums.
  15. USB Album Cover Art

    That's what I was talking about, Gracenote.
  16. USB Album Cover Art

    Folders definitely didn't work with MME. I think MFT had the ability to go to the cloud and pull in art if it found the album. Doesn't look like MME can do that. Embedding does work, but it is a pain.
  17. USB Album Cover Art

    Picked up my car today and USB cover art does work. The USB that I was using had the art as part of the folder with the music files, but I used a tag editor to add the cover art to the individual music file and then it worked. Worked for both FLAC and MP3 files.
  18. Problem With Ford Options

    I almost picked them, should have. They are the only dealer in the area that tried to consistently stock electrified vehicles. I should tell my dealer to give them a call.
  19. If you're planning on using Ford Options

    Same thing with my dealer. Now on day 3 of Ford Options not available due to dealer issues. Definitely tell the dealer in advance so they can prepare.