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  1. Farewell Ron Heiser, Welcome Donna Dickson as MME Chief Engineer

    Well done Ron...hope it is a well deserved promotion!
  2. Ford Options questions

    So I put down $1,000 less, no big deal.
  3. Ford Options questions

    disagree. Principal was reduced during 36 or 48 months so one saved 2.25% interest but not a $1,000 savings because loan (and its $1.,000 reduction) is not received since loan is never paid in full.
  4. Ford Options questions were only making principal and interest payments but since you did not pay it off in full, the $1,000 is vapor once the balloon is popped at 36 or 48 months. You just saved interest on it.
  5. Ford Options questions

    I have reviewed the wonderful Ford Options spread sheet and the $1,000 is reflected in the unpaid principal being $1,000 lower for 35 months or 47 months but then it is gone once 36 months or 48 months hits because you walk away and never receive the $1000 lowerd prinicipal in full cause you did...
  6. Ford Options questions

    Never said it is still going to be owed at the end of the Ford Option plan when you buy the car or sell it. You just won’t get it because it reduced the principal and interest only during the 36 or 48 months. After you walk away or buy the car at its residual value, it is gone because it was...
  7. Ford Options questions

    You won’t pay off the Ford Options. You will make 35 or 47 payments and then walk away or pay the agreed residual value which is a predetermined % of cost. It is conceivable that Ford lowered the residual % to reflect the $1,000 prinicipal reduction but I doubt it. It is gone either
  8. Ford Options questions

    Yes, they worked up the rest of the numbers but most folks do not understand that magic. That $1,000 does not come off the price you pay for the car if you buy it at pop the ballon time and if you walk away, you don’t get it because iyou never paid the loan off in full with its $1,000...
  9. Ford Options questions

    disagree per prior postings
  10. Ford Options questions

    Disagree per prior postings.
  11. Ford Options questions

    You never save the $1,000 in principal because you don’t pay the loan off. You walk away after 36 or48 months or buy the car at its published residual value.
  12. Ford Options questions

    I beg to differ. It came off the price of the amount being financed but it did not come off the balloon payment because that is a firm residual calculation. So you only save 2.25% interest on the $1,000 during the 3 or 4 year option period. Still it does reduce the cost of the “option“ to buy...
  13. Ford Options questions

    Where is it free money? It only reduces the amount borrowed but not what you pay if you buy the car at pop the balloon time. If u walk away, it also gone. Only save interest expense on $1,000 during 36 months or 48 months. I am putting maximum 30% down so this does not count against my 30%...
  14. Ford Options questions

    The way I see it the $1,000 reduces the amount you borrow and pay interest against for 36 or 48 months. When it comes down to buying the vehicle, the residual % value is applied against vehicle cost exclusive of the $1,000 reduction. So If you walk away or buy it for the ballon amount, there is...
  15. Ford Options questions

    Correction... one does not save the $1,000 if purchase option is exercised. One may save sales tax on $1,000.
  16. Ford Options questions

    Some more thoughts... - the $1,000 is only a savings if one buys one the vehicle at the option time. Otherwise one only saves 2.25% of the $1,000 for say 36 or 48 months. Not much savings. - If the Ford Options is really 35 or 47 monthly payments, when is the vehicle...
  17. Ford Options questions

    I built a simple amortization for both 36 months and 48 months. I did not end up with the Balloon payment amount at the end of either 36 or 48 months using data from Ford’s web site of the Ford Option.
  18. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    Does the Ford Options require sales tax to be included in the cost or is this optional?
  19. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    Having the ability to unload the Mach-E at the end of 36 months or 48 months should car values head south is also a good thing,
  20. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    It seems to me that by using 36 months of Ford Options, one will get $1,000 spread over 36 months versus a 48 month option. More bang for your buck.