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  1. FordPass App Version 3.22.0 is out

    Yeah, new batch of bugs! More and more with every release
  2. Wrong Battery Pack?

    I've never seen 230 on full range in SR. 200 miles is probably the maximum estimated range I've seen on 100% charge. I have over 1000 miles on the car.
  3. Mint Chip Mach-E

    As long as you like it... :)
  4. Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    sorry, but infinite blue and black are the worst colors for this car. Black is the worst. You can hardly see the shape of the body, it is just one dark blob.
  5. Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    link to the model or it never happen
  6. TSB 21-2123 - Level 2 Charger Inoperative

    I'll wait for bunch of software related TSB and update them all at once in a year or two :)
  7. Ford site just updated, Premium now 6+ months order time ?

    buy select, it will be built faster, less demand
  8. Techie nerd stuff

    I do not want any tech like that in the car.
  9. Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    In my case, I decided to just install the NEMA plug and hire electrician. I was upfront that this is for EV and I found that it needs GFCI by the code. When electrician in his 20s showed up he did not have GFCI breaker and I had to educate him. The company I hired estimated $800 in labor before...
  10. Free Charging on Earth Day (4/22) at Electrify America charging stations

    or charge it home for $5 This is only a deal if you planned a long trip
  11. Ford Mach-E - Mustang or Mediocre? | In Depth (Now You Know)

    I have no plans to charge mache at public DC station.
  12. Great Carwow Review: Mustang Mach-E 2021 - an EV that you actually want!

    how come SR gets more range in UK. Is it some sort of numbers magic?
  13. A letter from Ford - for achieving the most accurate range estimates

    My floor space heater at home is rated 1kwh. No way on earth you need more than 1-2kwh to heat the cabin.
  14. A letter from Ford - for achieving the most accurate range estimates

    Btw, why do you need to setup a schedule in order to precondition the battery? Can we just press a button in the app when we are ready to leave in 10-20 minutes? When I open the ford app, I wan to cry :)
  15. A letter from Ford - for achieving the most accurate range estimates

    I highly doubt engineers will be allowed to write such letters. This is typical response from customer relations department with generic advice. I reset EV history in my SR when I picked up the car. It does not go back to best prediction (230 miles) but was about 170miles on 100% charge.
  16. Within remorse period, am I being too nit picky?

    I recently posted things I do not like about mache but thread was closed, as if I am some sort of tesla troll :) That said, I am glad I bought the cheapest trim. It qualifies for state incentives so I saved in sales taxes + federal credit. This car is great if you do not expect much from it. The...
  17. Hill assist

    brake-hold or not it rolls back if you let the throttle off. My ICE car just stops and would not roll back if there is not enough throttle
  18. Hill assist

    Mache manual talks about hill assist. If I stop on the hill car starts rolling back unless brake-hold is active. If you are on the hill and let the throttle off, car will roll back as well. Is it by design?
  19. Need another

    I find it weird to own 2 identical cars, I guess sharing does not work for some :)