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  1. I got STRIPES!! UPDATE 😢

    This is pretty much how I was thinking of doing my GT after I get it, with the possible addition of 1/4” pinstripes outboard of the skunk stripes.
  2. Dealer Survey-Who is it about and what does Ford do with them?

    Wow, I wish I had gotten a survey after I bought my Fusion. Dealer would definitely gotten a 1 star review (or half if I could pull that off somehow).
  3. CA rebates and incentives?

    Check the BAAQMD site: Rebates and incentives vary by county and income level. In San Mateo County at my income, I only have the Federal rebate and the Clean Air PoS rebate...
  4. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    I converted my GT reservation to a GT with the PE package on April 27 when the process went live. I have one additional option on the car, the interior protection package. I would have liked the Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 but it mandates the glass roof. Anyhow, I have received no official...
  5. 70's side stripe (thoughts?)

    Shouldn’t the lettering be “88KWH?” 😜 Looks cool!
  6. What efficiency do you get if you drive an EV like an ICE?

    For me, whether I would take my MME or an ICE depends on the trip. For example, were I planning a duck hunt, I’m in the Blazer, no ifs, ands, or buts. If it were a leisurely trip to see relatives, I see no issue with the MME. Track day? That’s a little fuzzy since I ordered a GT-PE. The Trans Am...
  7. Might as well expand my EV universe

    Congrats. 4 acres is a lot of mowing.
  8. Tesla owner arrested after being caught ‘backseat driving’

    I hope that the fine is insane.
  9. Are charged batteries heavier than dead ones?

    E=mc^2 is just a specific case of E=mv^2, where we are replacing the variable for velocity with a constant (the speed of light). It is a solution for the amount of energy required for an object of a given mass to travel at a given velocity. It is totally incorrect to be used in the situation of...
  10. Ford Mobile Charger and 14-50 -- GFCI

    Most Romex (or Romex - style) cable comes with a ground wire one step smaller than the lines. Part of the reason why it is allowable for the ground wire to be slightly smaller than the lines is because if there is a fault to ground the breaker is supposed to trip, leaving very little time for...
  11. FordPass among best EV apps according to J.D. Power study

    Meh, my FP app once again made my Fusion invisible. It's fine in the MyFord Mobile app. :-/
  12. Don't trust the displayed range on indicator! Best ways to calculate how far your Mach-E can really go

    My GT-PE will be my first fully electric vehicle, but I kinda knew what the GOM was since my Fusion's GOM is worse than what I'm hearing about the MME's GOM.
  13. Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Hokey-smokes! That's customer service!
  14. Let Ford (Mike Levine) know if you see dealer ADM on Mach-E

    As @trutolife27 said, it's the dealer's perogative, just as it's our perogative to not shop with that dealer and spend our money with a dealer that does not charge ADM.
  15. What Road Trip Charging Should Be

    Since I do not currently own a car that can charge via CCS, take this with a huge grain of salt. Here in CA most L2 charging stations are priced by the hour. Until gasoline went over $4.00/gallon, a lot of L2 stations were more expensive than charging. I still prefer to charge than to burn gas...
  16. Red Pony Emblem: DIY Vinyl FAIL

    A matter of time and having the kids out of the house? Souondslike you’re trying to put more kids INTO the house. 😜
  17. Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    Really nice Can’t even see a ripple. Nice that you found a guy who can do the repair so well.
  18. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Glad that you are nearing the end of the bodywork journey. Your tale of the compsny vehicle hitting you several years ago sounds similar to an experience that i had back in the ‘80s. New guy, company truck, rear-ended me. Guy wasn’t on the company policy. Ended up pretty much the same. My...
  19. Most efficient highway cruise speed?

    If the only power draw on the main battery is for propulsion, slower is better. In the real world, there are thousands of parasitic micro-draws on the main battery, so those have to be balanced out with the power used for propulsion. The most efficient speed *should* be the speed at which...
  20. GT, what happened to late summer?

    Like several others, I converted my reservation into an order as soon as the site went live. I was not expecting my GT-PE to arrive before October/November. I am hoping sooner, but this news is making me think more like November, maybe December.