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  1. 810to310

    Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    Has anyone answered you yet? I picked up my FE on 12 Feb. And no 3D pony via FedEx yet...I did finance my FE, so I wonder if that is a factor?
  2. 810to310

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    When did everyone receive their 3D Pony? My FE arrived 3 days after yours...and I still only have the pony with 4 wheels
  3. 810to310

    A Z D and X plan pricing for loaded GT Performance Edition

    That’s great! I will use Z plan...I’m in CA so the dealership doesn’t always understand that. Does anyone know how long our reservations are good for? I have to talk to my tax accountant to see if we can take the federal $7500 credit twice in 1 fiscal year...Since I just got my FE, I want to...
  4. 810to310

    Premium vs GT, orders, wait times

    Does anyone know if we already have a reservation for the GT, can we upgrade it to the GT Performance upon order? Or do we need to place a completely different reservation?
  5. 810to310

    Charge to 100% is back in the app

    Thank you! I’m pretty sure I did all of those things, but on Tuesday afternoon (I need to drive it enough to need a charge again!) I’ll make sure I hit save.. This time I will also do print screens on my phone and take photos of the Sync4 screen 👍🏼
  6. 810to310

    Charge to 100% is back in the app

    sorry to sound like a Novice, but every time I set my charge level to 80% my car always charges to 100%. and although my app is updated as well (I prefer the 3/4 view of the car!) when I get to the page with the blue button that says “Charge to 100%” if I click on that nothing happened -or it...
  7. 810to310

    Day 4: Owning a Mach E

    Agreed. I thought I understood it to be 2023 and beyond-hopefully there will be some regulations by then. I’m sure AI has it figured out, but new email addresses every so often seems to help...and I never attach my phone # “for security purposes” when google asks me/. On my 2010 Edge, the Sync...