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  1. bogey928

    NY state rebate?

    I've used the Drive Clean rebate 3 times now, well technically the state paid out on two. My experience has varied from dealer to dealer. My advice is pay very close attention to your transaction. When I bought my 2017 Pacifica PHEV I was the first Drive Clean rebate they had ever done. They...
  2. bogey928

    Mach E GT no longer available in Infinite Blue

    Since the November unveiling they have improved the specs (more HP and torque, faster charging times) and lowered the price on some models. Let's hope this is the case with the GT as well. Fingers crossed.
  3. bogey928

    Mach E GT no longer available in Infinite Blue

    The rendering on the Carbonized Gray really looks much darker than what any of the photos of it in the wild over on the Carbonized Gray Club thread look like, so much so that when it was first photographed in the wild many assumed it was Iconic Silver. Like I mentioned before Dark Matter Gray...
  4. bogey928

    Mach E GT no longer available in Infinite Blue

    Dark Matter Gray pushed me over the top from a Carbonized Gray FE to a GT. I would be ticked off too if I had originally reserved an Infinite Blue GT as that was my second favorite color. I prefer the stealth colors over the look at me colors, must be the introvert in me.
  5. bogey928

    GT NO LONGER on reservations site

    It's still there for me.
  6. bogey928

    GT Order Phone Call

    December is when you will be able to order. They updated the Ford website to show that the GT is now looking at a Late Summer 2021 delivery which is why orders don't open until December 2020.
  7. bogey928

    Dark Matter Gray Mach-E now available in reservation configurator

    It looks like Dark Matter Gray is a renaming of Magnetic Metallic which was just retired. Perhaps they had a few cans left over. Fine with me. I now know what color my MME GT will be in.
  8. bogey928

    Mach-E Reservations Quick Guide - Customer Journey

    I just did the same for the same reasons.
  9. bogey928

    Mach-E Reservations Quick Guide - Customer Journey

    My question is: So is there or isn't there a way to switch from my FE reservation to a GT without losing my timestamp? This is more confusing than it needs to be. I thought I would be able to login and say I'd like a GT now please instead.
  10. bogey928

    What tax Incentives does your State or Country provide?

    New York is taken off the price right at the time of sale. It is the dealer who files and gets reimbursed. Only catch is you have to keep the car 3 years or the state can come after you to get some or all of it back. So far I have received $1100 for my 2017 Pacifica PHEV, $1100 for daughters Kia...
  11. bogey928

    Mach-E ADM Pricing Shenanigans Begin… Don’t Stand For It!

    Text message in the chain of all the texts I have received so far from the Mach-E assigned rep at my dealer.
  12. bogey928

    Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    I received information from my dealer, Friendly Ford in Poughkeepsie, NY, that they will not be adding an ADM to the price of the Mach E and they participate in and will honor X-Plan. However, they did say they had not heard about X-Plan details yet. I pointed them towards dealer communication...
  13. bogey928

    POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    I love every second I am behind the wheel of my 2015 GT convertible. In Dave Pericak I trust. The man knows what a Mustang is supposed to be.
  14. bogey928

    POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    Maybe you can grab my very early time stamped (night of reveal) First Edition. I'm almost certainly switching to a Performance Package Dark Matter Gray GT from my reserved Carbonized Gray FE. That would put it in line to arrive in late summer which would coincide with my big 5-0 birthday that...
  15. bogey928

    Mach e vs. I-Pace

    Thanks Ken, it's very exciting to have the I-Pace in the driveway because it was totally unexpected! My wife is already starting with the "When is YOUR Mach E coming because you can't keep borrowing my Jaguar!" It's going to feel like an even longer wait now than previously anticipated. ;)...
  16. bogey928

    Mach e vs. I-Pace

    I have a reservation for a Mach E FE. After reading the article on the I-Pace discounts however, curiosity and boredom overtook us as my wife normally works in Manhattan and has been working from home since mid-March. So we made an appointment for this past Thursday and took the hour...
  17. bogey928

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING from the dealership you put your reservation with yet? I have not.

    This was in California in December 2019 right after the reveal when a model from the reveal made the rounds to a few of the high volume Ford dealers like Galpin. See posts 26-29 in this thread. I'm pretty sure nobody knows for sure other than the "fall" when actual production test drive models...
  18. bogey928

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING from the dealership you put your reservation with yet? I have not.

    My dealer texted me on 1/22/20 to thank me for the order, to let me know who my contact is at the dealership, and to say they will be in touch when more information is available.
  19. bogey928

    Corona Virus Posts ONLY

    Not quite. “Don’t worry about the National Guard,” said New Rochelle Mayor Noah Bramson. “They are here to help ... We are not under martial law, there is no quarantined zone, nobody is barred from moving around.” I live 90 minutes from New Rochelle. While the National Guard is there to help...
  20. bogey928

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    This made me laugh to the point of almost spitting out my coffee. Nice job. By the way I would think Energizer though, since they keep going and going and going....